Guinn Local History/Genealogy Center

Thorntown Public Library, 124 North Market Street, Thorntown, IN 46071
Phone: (765)436-7348, Fax (765)436-7011


Welcome the the Guinn Local History/Genealogy Center. Our research room is located at present time in the Adult Department of the Thorntown Public Library. Once we are through with our addition we will be located in the upper level of the Carnegie with the computer lab. We will have more room with better access to materials for research. We will be sharing the south side of the Carnegie with the Indiana Collection most of which has been in storage during our expansion.

The History of our name: During his life David Lee Guinn had a great love for local history and genealogy. He spend many of his last days here at the library indexing the school record books for the late 1800's thru the 1940's. David had also walked many of the surrounding cemeteries and read the markers. This information he transcribed and gave to the library for researchers to use. Before he died he gave the library written permission to post his work on our web site. This project is in our plans for the future. Many of researchers have enjoyed hearing the history that David knew about our local people. One time we had a researcher here from Minnesota looking for the grave of her ancestor. We had over a foot of snow on the grow and David said that he knew right where his grave was and proceeded to take her to Maple Lawn and tromped through the snow so she could take photos of the grave marker. This is just one of many things that we can remember about David. At his passing it was decided that we would name our local history room in memory of him and the many things that he did for local history. I still have boxes of research that his children gave to the library that we will be able to sort once we are moved into the new building.


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Last Updated June 11, 2009