Volume 10, No.

Most of our readers probably thought our building had already been completed. However, since November 1, 2004, subcontractors and others have been tweaking, training staff, and finishing the hundreds of details that mean the 10,600 square foot addition and the renovation of the 3400 square foot 1914 Carnegie library has truly been accomplished. We can all be rightfully proud of the effort and results of the expenditure of two million dollars. Our “new” building is used seven days almost every week and is staffed fifty-seven hours each week. Rooms are available for reunions and other gatherings at no charge—as long as floors are swept and spaces are left clean; if a custodian has to be hired to clean up after a group, a charge will be assessed.

All ages of volunteers are needed to help water, weed, and deadhead the flowerbeds. Please call Karen or Von to volunteer: 436-7348. Hours: flexible. Rewards: satisfaction of a job well done and free plant starts.

On June 1 Youth Cook made a Lasagna/garlic bread dinner with Peanut Butter No-Bake Cookies for Dessert. Greatly enjoying the dinner as her birthday celebration, Library Director Karen K. Niemeyer joined the cooks and teachers Debbie Smith and Mary Schmucker. Youth Cook will meet Wednesday July 6, 2005, from 4-5:30 p.m. Youth Cook will not be meeting in August, but will resume on Wednesday, September 7, 2005. The library’s kitchen/lounge area was designed to accommodate walkers and wheelchairs so that all youth may participate.


Youth (babies through sixth grade) who participated in the summer reading program are invited to join the 9:00 a.m.–2:00 p.m. celebration on July 15. Some activities will take place outside in the parking lots and on sidewalks.

9:00 a.m. Sidewalk Chalk Picture Contest
10:00 a.m. Jump Rope Contest
11:00 a.m. Marble Contest
12-3:00 p.m. Food, Awards & Prizes, Craft

Thanks to the Friends of Thorntown Public Library for helping support this celebration.

The library is planning a memorial exhibit in the Guinn Genealogy Center for July 8-29. Plan to drop in and see some of the local history items compiled by David Guinn, charter member of the Boone County Genealogical Society and compiler of invaluable local cemetery records. As Local History Librarian, Linda L. White sorts through David’s collection of local history papers presented to the library, she will display photographs and pieces not previously available to researchers.

Also in the Guinn Genealogy Center is a special yearbook exhibit made possible by a gift from Glenn Coffman and the Thorntown High School Class of 1953 in honor of Obert Piety, principal, coach, and teacher. Their donation allowed the library to hire local woodworker Craig L. White to build a special display area for yearbooks of Thorntown and other area schools; remaining gift funds are being used to purchase genealogical reference books. Their thoughtfulness is very much appreciated and provides an improved display of school references. School class photos are on display, as are other bits of local history. NEEDED: photographic subjects identified. In the exhibit are basketball team photos and other pictures that contain faces without names. If you recognize someone, please let a staff member know. Historians of the future will thank you.

In celebration of Thorntown’s 175th birthday and the week-long Chatauqua celebration, Linda L. White will provide a special program of genealogy research tips on Wednesday, July 13th , 1-3:00 p.m. in the Guinn Genealogy Center. Also on exhibit will be items from some of the original Chatauqua events and the story of the word’s origin.

The library is hosting a pie contest on Friday, July 15, 12:00 noon, in program room 116 at the library. All pies are to be those that could have been made in 1830 when Thorntown was founded. There are three categories: Mincemeat Pie, Fruit Pie, Soft Pie. An entrant may enter more than one pie in a category, e.g., both a pumpkin and a squash pie in the “soft pie” category, apple and peach in the “fruit pie” category, or more than one kind on mincemeat pie. Pies may be entered between 8:00 a.m. and noon. The recipe must be submitted with each pie so that recipes may later be shared. Participants need not be area residents. Judges will be a panel from the Celebrate Today Center participants who lunch daily at the library; the panel will also include library staff and spouses. No judge may enter a category in which he/she has entered a pie. Ribbons and Thorntown postcard sets will be given as prizes, and there will be a special prize for the Best of Show winner. Pies will be consumed –by judges and audience--after judging. Coffee, iced tea and water will be provided. Area senior citizen residents who wish to enjoy the $2.00 lunch (served by CICOA Aging & In-Home Solutions at 11:30) may call the library by July 11 to make a reservation; the day’s menu includes a chicken pattie, spinach, mashed potatoes, wheat bread with margarine, pineapple, milk and juice. In addition, the library keeps leaded coffee in the pot.

After the 12:30 p.m. Sitting Fit Exercise hour led by the Boone County YMCA, area quilters will be “Quilting Around the Frame,” as they do each Friday from 1-3:00 p.m. Visitors are welcome to join in the quilting or to work on other needlework projects while enjoying a social time with other needleworkers. Quilters will be starting a new quilt provided by Sandy Smith.

At 3:30 p.m. the library’s Youth That Care (grades 7-12 Teen Council) will present in the program rooms a local history marionette show using Robert L Gillan's antique puppets and stage. Bob has presented the library with more than fifty handmade puppets created fifty years ago for teaching local history and restored in 2002.

The May book sale earned $465.38 for the Friends of the Library. The next book sale will be September 24-25 during the Festival of the Turning Leaves. Needed: clean used books, magazines, videos, DVD’s, and willing workers to supervise the booth during the street fair.

The books for the Open Show are at the library. Pick up your copy today and plan your entries for the fair: July 27-29 are the Open Show dates.

The Visiting Nurse Service has offered to provide flu shots in Thorntown and will be using the library program rooms for that service. Dates, times, and costs will be announced.

Thorntown Public Library’s “MOST WANTED” !!!
We are on the lookout for Thorntown’s SCRIBBLERS.  The Scribblers are a group of talented writers who have been known to do wonderful work which they tend to want to share with other writers. They were last seen at the Thorntown Library, but left the building before we could catch them and tell them how much we would appreciate seeing them at our Scribblers meetings held the first Wednesday of each month at 7 p.m.  If you are a SCRIBBLER, and you read this newsletter, be aware, we are looking for you.  We love Scribblers and would love to see you at our next Scribblers meeting: July 6, 7:00 p.m.

The first quilt taken from the quilting frame and completed by the Thorntown Quilters will be awarded to some lucky winner. Tickets may be had for a donation at the library or from one of the quilters: $1.00 each or six for $5.00. The quilt was pieced in the 1930’s, has a light blue border, and is on display at the upper level circulation desk. The quilt will be awarded on December 5 at the library’s annual Christmas Family Night at the Library.

The proceeds will be applied to the library’s fund to return to Thorntown, at the west entrance to the library, the “Helen at the Well” fountain that stood at the corner of Market and Main Streets from 1909-1944, This Mills Memorial Fountain was removed in 1944 when IN47 became a state highway—for some reason, a horse fountain cannot be in the middle of a state highway! The Mills family was in agreement with the decision and a letter and the head of the original fountain are on display in the Thorntown Heritage Museum. The letter states that Anson Mills, donor of the fountain and the town’s waterworks, would never have wanted to stand in the way of progress.

A Georgia company will reproduce the 32-foot fountain with one bowl and one basin at about twelve feet high. The cost, approved by the library board of trustees in March, will be $48,280. (Quotations received in 2002 ranged from $56,000 to $120,000.) Once all funds have been raised, the fountain will be ordered, and the library board will pay for cost of electrical work and plumbing. Only $48 gifts of $1000 each are needed to make the historic fountain once again a reality in Thorntown, and three have been received to date. Any gift is appreciated, and the total in the fountain fund is now $4679.22, or almost 10%. Local artist Linda Crum is assisting library staff with creating a memorial plaque that will hang in the west entrance of the library and commemorate donors and those in whose honor donations have been given. Watch our fountain grow in the lower level lobby—we shall be keeping track of the donation levels and look forward to ordering and installing a re-creation of the historic 1909 fountain.

Applause!! Applause!!
Thorntown Public Library’s Teen Council has completed its 2004-2005 Youth As Resources Grant Project. Nine dedicated teens received a grant back in the fall of 2004 and placed their focus and energies on completing the monumental task of writing the script for a play to be presented to four Boone County nursing homes, Thorntown Elementary School, and the Friends of the Library. For 22 weeks the teens worked at dialogue and characterization, rehearsed, prepared scenery, and pulled it off after volunteering 332 hours of hard work into the project. The project served over 367 people with entertainment. Some of these were homebound residents, others a mixed audience. Our teens came out of this project as winners all the way around. They have all said that they would do it again. We would also like to give honorable mention to all of the parents and volunteers who contributed a total of 110 hours to the teens. We couldn’t have done it without them. Thanks a million!

Adult Summer Reading
The 2005 program, “Read Across America” has involved 40 people so far. There is still time to join the program. There are 5 categories of readers: 25 years old and under, Women 26-55 (the most popular category), Men 26-55, Women 56 and older, and Men 56 and older. All involved in the program are assigned a particular color of car. If you have had difficulty locating the setting of your books, the library staff will help. Under the display table are a variety of prizes which will be awarded to top readers and top travelers in each category. The celebration date is to be determined. Please turn in your reading log sheet by July 20. Only the reading logs turned in by that date will be tallied for prizes. Please add your phone number to your reading log; you will then receive a special invitation to the celebration. (Hint: the celebration will involve everyone making his own sundae!)

The Quilt Bus is Coming!
Reserve the date September 19 (Monday) for a visit from the Quilt Bus. The bus is a quilting store on wheels, and is making a Midwest tour. The owners will also present programs of interest to anyone who likes to quilt, is interested in the history of quilts, and anyone who likes to sew or saves scraps. There will be programs of interest all day long and into the evening. Invite your friends to come and make a day of it. (Rumor has it that there will be displays of quilts by many of our Thorntown quilters). You won’t want to miss this special event. More information will follow.

Book Discussion for Adults
This group meets regularly on the 3rd Monday of each month, 1:30 – 2:30. The book for July 18 is Girl of the Limberlost by Gene Stratton-Porter. Copies are being borrowed from other libraries. The August 15 discussion will finish the Indiana Series, with Front Porch Tales by Phillip Gulley. Due to the Quilt Bus, the September 19 book discussion will not be held on that date.

Adult Videotapes

Baseball Fundamentals – VHS 796.357 BAS
Hitting Mechanics – VHS 796.35 HIT
Offensive Drills – VHS 796.387 OFF
Defensive Drills – VHS 796.35 DEF
Sentimental Reflection – DVD 792 SEN
Copycat – cc, R – VHS FIC COP
The Outlaw Josey Wales – cc, PG – VHS FIC OUT
Timecop – cc, R – VHS FIC TIM
Con Air – cc, R – VHS FIC CON
1492 Conquest of Paradise – cc, PG13 – VHS FIC FOU
Another Stakeout – cc, PG13 – VHS FIC ANO
Barber Shop 2 – cc, PG13 – VHS FIC BAR
It Could Happen to You – cc, PG – VHS FIC ITC
The Mask of Zorro – cc, PG13 – VHS FIC MAS
Predator 2 – cc,R – VHS FIC PRE
Gross Anatomy – cc, PG13 – VHS FIC GRO
No Mercy –R – VHS FIC NOM
The Getaway – cc, NR – VHS FIC GET
Big Trouble in Little China – cc, PG13 – VHS FIC BIG
Dead in the Water – cc, PG13 – VHS FIC DEA
The Punisher – R – VHS FIC PUN
Virtuosity – cc, R – VHS FIC VIR
Hard Rain – cc R – VHS FIC HAR
Double Impact – cc, R – VHS FIC DOU
Flash Gordon – PG – VHS FIC FLA
Spice World – cc, PG – VHS FIC SPI
Gattaca – PG13 – VHS FIC GAT
Dead in the Water – cc, PG13 – VHS FIC DEA
The Punisher – R – VHS FIC PUN
Michael Jordan: Come Fly With Me 1990 – VHS 796.323 MIC
Lost In The Barrens – VHS FIC LOS
A Bronx Tale – R – VHS FIC BRO
Bad Girls – cc, R – VHS FIC BAD
Bulletproof – cc, R – VHS FIC BUL
The Buddy Holly Story – PG – VHS FIC BUD
Double Team – cc, R – VHS FIC DOU
Double Jeopardy – cc, R – VHS FIC DOU
The Man Without a Face – cc, PG13 – VHS FIC MAN
The Flamingo Kid – PG13 – VHS FIC FLA
* Pacific Heights – cc, R – VHS FIC PAC
* Mystic Pizza – cc, R – VHS FIC MYS
* Two of a Kind – cc, PG – VHS FIC TWO
* Universal Soldier – cc, R – VHS FIC UNI
* The Specialist – cc,R – VHS FIC SPE
* Senseless – cc, R – VHS FIC SEN
* The Real McCoy – cc,PG13 – VHS FIC REA
* Rambo First Blood Part II – VHS FIC RAM
* The Program – cc, R – VHS FIC PRO
* Private Parts – cc, R – VHS FIC PRI
* A Low Down Dirty Shame – cc, R – VHS FIC LOW
* The Long Kiss Goodnight – cc, R – VHS FIC LON
* The Jerk –cc, R – VHS FIC JER
* Jade – cc, R – VHS FIC JAD
Adult DVD’s
Dirty Harry – cc, R – DVD FIC DIR
Happy Holidays With Bing and Frank – DVD 791 HAP
The Three Stooges – Simply Hilarious – DVD FIC THR
Finding Neverland – DVD FIC FIN
Bridget Jones – The Edge of Reason – DVD FIC BRI
DodgeBall – A True Underdog Story – DVD FIC DOD
Friday Night Lights – DVD FIC FRI
Van Helsing – cc, PG-13 – DVD FIC VAN
Dinotopia – cc, No Rating – DVD FIC DIN
Freddy vs. Jason – cc, R – DVD FIC FRE
The Stepford Wives – cc, PG – DVD FIC STE
The Sum of all Fears – cc, PG-13 – DVD FIC SUM
Joyride – cc, R – DVD FIC JOY
Hard Ground – DVD FIC HAR
Murder in the First – cc,R – DVD FIC MUR
Star Wars II – cc, PG – DVD FIC STA

Adult Fiction

Devil’s Corner – L. Scottoline – FIC SCO
Deadly Legacy – R. Burcell – LP FIC BUR
Fantasy 2004 – K. Haber – SCI FIC HAB
Husband and Lover – L. Erickson – LP FIC ERI
While I Disappear – E. Wright – MYS FIC WRI
The Riddle of Ramrod Ridge – W. MacDonald – LP FIC MAC
The Rapids – C. Neggers – LP FIC NEG
Velocity – D. Koontz – FIC KOO
McKettrick’s Choice – L. Miller – FIC MIL
Stolen Magic – M. Putney – FIC PUT
The Dandelion Killer – W. Luttrell – CH FIC LUT
Tarnished Image – A. Gansky – CH FIC GAN
Chronicles of the Host – D. Shafer – CH FIC SHA
Unholy Empire – D. Shafer – CH FIC SHA
Rising Darkness – D. Shafer – CH FIC SHA
Final Confrontation – D. Shafer – CH FIC SHA

Adult Non-Fiction

Dress to Impress – J. Shellhart – 646.3 SHE
Beyond the Hay Days – R. Ewing – 636.1 EWI
Teambuilding Strategies That Work – 658.402 REA
Hawaii – 919.69 HAW
Fashion Beading – K. Ballor – 745.58 BAL
Indy: Racing Before The 500 – D. Bruce Scott – 796.7 SCO
Raving Fans – K. Blanchard – 658.812 BLA
The Best of Bombeck – E. Bombeck – 817.54 BOM
Creating Web Pages for Dummies – 005.72 CRE
How to Do Everything With Your Genealogy – G. Morgan – GEN 929.1 MOR
Locating Your Roots – P. Hatcher – GEN 929.1 HAT
Families Writing – P. Stillman – 808.042 SIL
Easy HTML For eBay – N. Chase – 005.72 CHA
Lies That Go Unchallenged – C. Colson – 261.0973 COL
One Shot – R. Boomhower – IN COL 940.54 BOO

Recorded Books
(All Books are recorded on cassette tapes unless there is (CD) after authors name, (CD) books are recorded on CD's)

All Your Worth – E. Warren – CD BOOK 332.04 WAR
Death of a Travelling Man - M. Beaton – CD BOOK FIC BEA
Sicken and So Die – S. Brett – CD BOOK FIC BRE
Loves Music, Loves to Dance – M.Clark – CD BOOK FIC CLA
Little Earthquakes – J. Weiner – CD BOOK FIC WEI
Broken Dishes – E. Fowler – CD BOOK FIC FOW
Flat Crazy – B. Rehder – CD BOOK FIC REH
Torpedo Juice – T. Dorsey – CD BOOK FIC DOR
Drama City – G. Pelecanos – CASS FIC PEL
In the Company of Cheerful Ladies – A. McCall Smith – CASS
Hard Truth – N. Barr – CASS FIC BAR
The Sugar Camp Quilt – J. Chiaverini – CASS FIC CHI
Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close – J. Foer – CASS FIC FOE
1776 – D. McCullough – CASS 973.32 MCC
Broken Prey – J. Sandford – CASS FIC SAN
The Kiss – D. Steel – CASS FIC STE
Saturday – I. McEwan – CASS FIC MCE
The Serpent On The Crown – E. Peters – CASS FIC PET
A Kiss of Fate – M.J. Putney – CD BOOK FIC PUT
The Perfect Lover – S. Laurens – CD BOK FIC LAU
Golden Lies – B. Freethy – CD BOOK FIC FRE

Juvenile Videos

Zoo Life-J VHS 590.74 HIM
Winner the Pooh and Tigger Too-J VHS FIC WIN
Mother Goose Stories-J VHS FIC MOT
Just Like Dad-J VHS FIC JUS
Winnie the Pooh Fun ‘N Games-J VHS FIC FUN
Disney’s For Our Children-J VHS FIC FOR
Barney’s Magical Adventure-J VHS FIC BAR
Zoo Life-J VHS 590.74 HAN
Real Life Fire Trucks For Kids-J VHS 628.9 HAR
Zoo Life-Wildlife Out West-J VHS 590.74 WIl
Zoo Life-Hangin’ Out In Holland-J VHS 590.74 HAN
Zoo Life-What’s Up Down Under-J VHS 590.74 WHA
Zoo Life-Wild Safari-J VHS 590.74 WIl
Zoo Life-Country Critters- J VHS 590.74 COV
Zoo Life Talking With The Animals-J VHS 590.74 TAL
Barney’s Campfire Sing-Along-J VHS FIC BAR

Juvenile Fiction

The Golden Goose-D. Smith-J FIC KIN
Fast Company-R. Wallace-J FIC WAL
Only Emma-S. Warner-J FIC WAR
Kira-kira-C.Kaohata-J FIC KAD
The Octopus-D. Cazet-J FIC BUN
Come Home, Barkley-M. Anderson-J FIC AND
Do Bananas Chew Gum? J. Gibson-J FIC GIL
Barlett and the forest of Plenty-O. Hirsch-J FIC HIR
The Happy Hollisters at Sea Gull Beach-J. West-J FIC WES
The Giant Rat of Sumatra-S. Fleischman-J FIC FLE
It’s A Baby Andy Russell-D. Adler-J FIC ADL

Young Adult Fiction

The Big Burn – J. Ingold – YA FIC ING
Ranma ½, Vol. 15 – R. Takahashi – YA FIC TAK
Ranma ½, Vol 16 – R. Takahashi – YA FIC TAK
Voctron – YA FIC JOL
Alice on Her Way – P. Naylor – YA FIC NAY
Boy 2 Girl – T. Blacker – YA FIC BLA
Where I Want To Be – A. Griffin – YA FIC GRI
Moby Dick – H. Melville – YA FIC MEL
David Copperfield – C. Dickens – YA FIC DIC
Girls in Pants – A. Brashares – YA FIC BRA
Nine Days a Queen – A. Rinaldi – YA FIC RIN
Down The Rabbit Hole – P. Abrahams – YA FIC ABR
Highs! – A. Packer – YA 158 PAC

Young Adult Non-Fiction

Awesome Obstacles – J. Hocking – YA 796.22 HOC
Guys Write for Guys Read – J. Scieszka – YA 810.8 GUY
Boris – Y. Rylant – YA 811.54 RYL
The Money Book for the Young, Fabulous & Broke – S. Or
man – YA 332.024 ORM

Toddler Easy Fiction

Sometimes Buzzt Shares- H. Ziefert-E FIC ZIE
Division-S. Cato-E 513.2 CAT
There’s Something in my Attic-M. Meyer-E FIC MAY
Buzzy Had A Little Lamb-H. Ziefert-E FIC ZIE
Polo’s Mother-P. Naylor-J FIC NAY
Anyone Can Eat Squid-P. Naylor-E FIC NAY
Buster on the Farm-M. Brown-E FIC BRO
Buster Plays Along-M. Brown-E FIC BRO
Buster on the Town-M. Brown-E FIC BRO
Henry and Mudge and the Great Grandparents-C. Rylant-E FIC RYL
Cowgirl Kate and Cocoa-E. Silverman-E FIC SIL
Here We GO, Harry-K. Lewis-E FIC LEW
Our Tree Named Steve-A. Zweibel-E FIC ZWE
The Shelf Elf-J. Hopkins-E FIC HOP
Kitten’s First Full Moon-K. Henkes-E FIC HEN
Families Have Together-H.Ziefert-E FIC ZIE

For a complete listing of DVD’s, videotapes, books-on-tape/CD, fiction, non-fiction, youth materials, etc., please check the library’s website at: www.bccn.boone.in.us/tpl
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Updated 10 May 19, 2005