January 2003 NEWSLETTER
Volume 8, No. 1

 WELCOME to 2003 and a new year of exciting programs and changes at your library! 

Take a look at the library programs and plan to participate in adult or youth reading, scrapbooking, card-making, needlecraft, and more—all great activities that allow you to enjoy watching the snow. 

Stacie Lewis-Crick of Sheridan is in charge of displays, so give her the credit for displaying a draft of the renovated and expanded library, new videos and DVD’s, scrapbooking samples, and the staff photos.  You’ll recognize Stacie as the only blonde on the staff.  If you wish to review the feasibility study prepared by our architects Veazey, Parrott, Durkin & Shoulders, we have a copy to lend.

We are making progress at having the 120 N. Market St. home and the 116 E. Bow St. home moved to other sites before we begin construction in June.  The house is free if you move it by June 9, 2003.  Let us know if you are interested or wish to be put on a waiting list in case the prospective homeowner before you on the list bows out.  The mover can still get the homes moved as long as he is notified by April 15. 

Some of you have already noticed some changes in the youth department.  On December 28 the furnace boiler forced two inches of water over parts of the basement and even out the radiators of two areas in the adult floor.  Things were fine at 6:00 p.m. on Friday and very wet by 9:00 a.m.  Saturday.  In spite of this, the library was only closed for six hours that Saturday and the youth department was closed for two hours more on Monday morning—until heat was restored to the building.  The gas log provided heat over the weekend.  Even though we could not permit youth downstairs until we had made decisions and removed the carpet tack strip, staff retrieved materials for young customers in the interim.  We owe a big THANKS to Thorntown Heating and Cooling, whose personnel were on site within fifteen minutes of our Saturday morning call; they helped us finalize boiler shutdown and drained the tank, then had the furnace repaired by noon on Monday.  In addition, Sanders Home Maintenance and Harold Kinsler were here within forty-five minutes of the alert and began the mopping up/drying out process.  Harold worked with us on Sunday as well and provided blowers that allowed us to dry out both floors.  Due to costs and the plans to remodel the youth department, we decided not to reinstall carpet on the lower level, so we offer thanks to Randy and Beverly Skow for spending Saturday, January 4 painting the concrete floor.  Area rugs are being used as needed, and the part of the carpet that did not get wet has been salvaged.  Doug McKamey will soon be adding some painted interest areas to our youth floor.

Youth Department - - Winter Reading Program 2003:  January 6 - February 14

POP ON IN and become a part of our Frequent Reader Club. Stop by and pick up a frequent reader card. Bring this with you each time you visit the library to check out a book and get your card punched.    One punch for every BOOK you check out to read.  Children 7 and under need only 10 punches. Youth 8 and older need only 5 punches on their card to receive a prize from the treasure box.

Share with the librarian something you enjoyed about each book you read and put your name in the Goodie Jar for a grand prize drawing.    

POP ON IN will be played by two groups; youth 7 and younger and youth 8 and older.   Replicas of popped popcorn with the youth’s name will be placed on a large popcorn box each time a visit is made to the library to check out a book.   The three most frequent visitors from each group will receive a prize. 

All prizes will be awarded on February 14th.  A celebration will be held from 2:30-4:30 p.m.  Popcorn, drinks, and video will be furnished.  Youth will receive prizes for participating in the winter program, reading the required number of books for their group, visiting frequently, and for sharing what they read with a librarian.   Every participant will receive prizes. 

Check out books

7 and under who read 10 books = prize from treasure  box on Feb. 14

8 and up who read 5 books  = prize from treasure box on Feb. 14

Share books with a librarian = name in Goodie Jar for a drawing on Feb. 14

Frequent Visitors = prizes awarded on Feb. 14

Celebration for all participants on Feb. 14 from 2:30-4:30 p.m.

Ceramic Workshops for Youth

Suzie Endres is back again to hold ceramic workshops from 4-5:00 p.m. on Tuesday, Feb. 11 and Wednesday, February 12.  Ceramic heart pendants will be painted just in time for Valentine’s Day.  Suzie will hold classes for third graders and older on the 11th and for kindergartner’s to second graders on the 12th.  Please wear old clothes for this workshop.  Cost of the workshop is $1.50 and may be paid on the 11th or 12th.  Register by visiting the library’s youth department or by calling 765-436-7348.

Adult Winter Reading

Join us for Author/Title Bingo this winter, Jan. 2 through March 28. When you come in and sign up for our winter reading program you will receive your first bingo sheet. There will be letters in each of the bingo squares.  When you read a book, mark a letter for either the author of the book or for the title of the book. When you get 5 squares in a row (diagonal, across or up and down) you will receive a free book and a bingo card for our bingo game on Monday, March 31, 2003 at 7:00 p.m.  We’ll be playing for more prizes and books.

To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee

We have received 16 copies of “To Kill a Mockingbird“ to read for a book discussion. It will be a great classic to read this winter while shut in from the cold. We are now looking for those that might be interested in joining us. Please come in and register at the adult circulation desk to join this fun adventure.  We hope to borrow more books to read for book discussions for those interested. Come in and let us know what books you would like to read and have discussed as a group.

Brown Bags and Better Books

…is meeting every Friday from noon to 1:00 p.m. in the United Methodist Fellowship Center.  Plan to bring your lunch and enjoy discussion from the following:  “Living Beyond the Limits” by Franklin Graham; “Omega Zone” by Barry Sears; “The Unquenchable Worshipper” by Matt Redman, “One Incredible Moment” by Max Lucado, and “Contagious Christian” by Bill Hybels.  These discussions are structured so that you do not have to have read the book prior to attending…we shall be reading various passages as a group and follow this with discussion.

Thorntown Needleworkers

The quilt is out of the frame and finished, thanks to the final touches by Phyllis Allen and Betty White.  We do not have another quilt top at this time, so, for now, each participant is encouraged to bring some lap quilting or other needlework and enjoy the first and third Fridays, 1-3:00 p.m. in conversation and needlework.  The quilt is currently on display at the library.  It will be put away in March and saved for display at the November 2004 celebration of our expanded library.

Greeting Card Session

Debbie Smith returns on Thursday, Jan. 23, 6-9:00 p.m., with new ideas for greeting cards.  Participants should bring scissors and plan to make at least three cards to take home. 

Quilted Ceramic Plates

Suzie Endres has patterns and fireable decals for making plates on February 4, 7-9 p.m., in the youth department.  The cost is $3.00 per plate.   They will be fired and returned before February 14.

Pen Pals for Katie:

Many of you remember Katie Hawkins, who worked in the youth department. At age 20, Katie is working on her college degree and planning to serve as a missionary. For seven months January through July, she is completing a missionary internship in the Ukraine. If you would like to write to her please stop in at the library to get her mailing address.

New Materials

Adult Videotapes

Juvenile Videos

Adult DVD’s

Juvenile DVD’s

CC = Closed Captioned for Hearing Impaired

Adult Fiction

Adult Non-Fiction


Building Our Future on the Foundation of the Past:

Planning calls for the library to break ground in June for a 10,000 square foot addition to the 1914 Carnegie library.  The preliminary rendering of the Market Street entrance is subject to change, as are the floor plans that are being developed, but progress is being made daily.  

Library Planning Advisory Committee

Marsha Rapp, Chair   Trevaesa Lyles Brandon Taylor
Robert Moran, Vice-Chair Danialle Knutson Thelma Theobald
Nina and Gerald Caldwell Tammy Woody Betty Maze
Carol  Carson Karen Wright Margaret Mohler
Carolyn Gress Mike and Linda Reagan Mark X. Sullivan
Cindy Hume Joyce and Tim Fuesting Steven Finley
Kathy Keith Gary Lanpher Mary and Sarah Rice
Cindy Keyes Donnie and Tammy Lawson Josh Schrier
Frank Nay  K. Scott Morrow Laura Rains
Beverly Parker Doug Rapp  Natalie Robinson
Library Board & Staff

We are always open to suggestions for programs and services you would like offered by your library.

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