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October 9, 2006

At 6:05 p.m. treasurer liaison Teresa Carter, in the absence of the president and vice-president, called the meeting to order. Present were Stephanie Jones, Deanna Brueggert, and Patty Ramsey. Absent were Eric Ragsdale, John Merson, and Ron Guinn. Also present were director Karen K. Niemeyer and treasurer Barbara Darnell.

Barbara made one correction in the minutes of the September 11 meeting: in paragraph one on page two the transfer from books to taxes should have been written as $68.64, not $68.44. She presented a list of nine additional claims for the September claims list that brought the total of claims to $36,231.75. Although some board members expressed surprise at the almost $7500 cost of the generator for the drainage project, Karen had advised those present last month of the cost and need for the generator. It is contained within the total bid price by excavator Joe Lovell. Stephanie moved and Deanna seconded a motion to approve the minutes as amended; motion carried.

Barbara also presented the financial report that showed an ending cash balance of $69,368.84 with a total balance of $454,459.80. Karen has requested from the county auditor an advance draw on the November tax allotment so that we can earn interest on it or use it if needed to protect investments. Barbara had prepared a quarterly report that showed that in most areas we are close to budget percentages for the end of the third quarter. She has worked hard to make that happen.

Our $80,000 investment with MBIA has earned $845.66 so far and the fountain fund of $8000 has earned $153.61.

Barbara explained the claims register which totaled 18,638.83. She passed forms for claims and payroll to be signed after a motion by Stephanie and a second by Deanna to approve these; motion carried.

No PLAC cards were sold this quarter. The Lease Rental Fund is the same as last month: 5 payments made, 25 to go.

Karen had called Precision Controls for help with our FPVAVís and heating/cooling ceiling noises, as well as the faulty timer for exterior lighting. Precision was extremely prompt in responding and effecting repairs. Their maintenance contract started on October 1.

ECS is scheduled to rework the controls portion of the heating/cooling system at noon on Monday, October16, and will be supervised by Kurt Stevens, who is recommissioning the HVAC system for greater efficiency. ECS has needed to complete this work since 2005.

Karen is working on a contract with Lovell Excavating and has been talking with Joe Lovell about our drainage project. With help from our prisoner laborers, we are on schedule with this work. She is working with architect Eileen Davis about an unacceptable claim from Deckard Engineering, a claim the board does not feel obliged to pay.

Karen is struggling to get help from Steve Spohn about our windows that donít open properly. He has promised to come out had show the staff a five-step procedure for operating them. So far, he has failed to keep his appointments. No manuals were received with the windows. Deanna noted that lack of follow-through had been her previous experience with Spohn.

The wind caught the west upper level Carnegie door and again broke the glass, the second time since 1996. It will take three to five weeks for the replacement to be installed. The board would like to get this done before cold weather. Our property insurance deductible is too high to pay for replacement of the glass, so Karen recommended we take money from LIRF and pay for replacing the door now instead of in early 2007 as planned. A later replacement would mean discarding the new glass, a false economy. The new door will be keyed to match all the other new doors. From three proposals submitted, Deanna moved and Stephanie seconded that Plan B from Whitaker Glass be approved for a total cost of $4216.30; motion carried.

The upper level card catalog computer has died. A replacement will cost $754.00. Karen suggested we also pay for this from LIRF, which has been appropriated for 2006 use, instead of using our equipment fund which may be needed for later expenses. Patty moved and Deanna seconded a motion to purchase a computer from LIRF; motion carried.

The five-dollar per unit white video shelving that we purchased second-hand is falling apart, partly due to repeated flooding of the lower level. It would cost $65.00 each to repair them and put them onto casters, excluding the cost of the casters. This is not practical. Cardinal Office Supply of Lafayette has offered the best shelving price. Karen compared prices with Gaylord, the provider of most of the libraryís shelving. She recommends that we replace three discarded four-foot units on the south end with four three-foot units. We eventually will need more units on the north side of the lower level. In the building project of 2003-4 we included no new furniture but the board planned to buy furniture over several years. Cardinal offers free shipping and free assembly. Gaylord charges trucking and sends units unassembled. In the past we have hired the assembly completed at an hourly rate. We need eight units at a cost of nearly $3750. Deanna moved and Patty seconded a motion to purchase eight units from Cardinal from our LIRF fund; motion carried. Karen will ask for casters to be installed since we are buying a quantity of eight.

The board noted that the three motions will reduce the available appropriation for LIRF for 2007 by $8720.30.

Karen applied on October 2 for a $300 Fax Arts Grant from the Community Foundation of Boone County. The money will be used to make end panel signage for all remaining shelving; photographs will be selected from entries in a photography contest.

The libraryís video return box and discarded shelving units were donated to the Waveland Public Library. They were delighted and sent a letter of appreciation.

A grant of $5400 from the State Technology Fund has been awarded for our T-1 line for one year but the money has not yet arrived.

The Friends made $718.42 from their used book sale at the end of September and really liked having the sale in the public meeting rooms instead of outside on the main street.

Karen received a resignation from one of the staff members. After discussion with that person and others who were involved, that person has agreed to stay. All parties will try to get along and resolve the issues.

Karen has called REMC to check on a $10,000 grant proposal. She was informed that the REMC Foundation will honor the grant request after we raise two thirds of the cost of the fountain. Karen will work with the Friends and campaign among the local businesses to try to raise the approximately $22,000 needed to reach that level.

Karen is working on getting an adjustment on the September electric bill because, for the three days of the festival, KD Stables plugged all their rides, inflatables and camper into the electrical outlet on the south side of the library, within the mechanical courtyard fence. They were not authorized to do so. Gary Moody of Thorntown Utilities had advised Karen on September 24 that the town donates the utilities charges and computes that cost by taking a reading at the pole at the park before and after the festival. He will speak with festival booth chairman Pat McPeak. This credit is especially important because the extra electricity used will skew our figures from Kurt Stevens when he presents his report on HVAC energy savings. Steps will definitely be taken to prevent such unauthorized use during the 2007 Festival of the Turning Leaves.

Karen has been calling Pat McPeak but has had no response. Pat is to authorize the K of Pís refunding to the Friends a $50 booth deposit; he was unaware that the rent had been paid at the conclusion of the 2005 festival. Karen has provided him a copy of the cancelled check that bears his signature and proves the duplicate payment.

There being no further business, Deanna moved and Stephanie seconded the meeting be adjourned; motion carried. The meeting adjourned at 7:10 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Patty Ramsey, Secretary