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November 13, 2006

President Eric Ragsdale called the meeting to order at 6:12 p.m. In addition to Eric, present were Stephanie Jones, Teresa Carter, Patty Ramsey, Deanna Brueggert, and John Merson. Director Karen Niemeyer and Treasurer Barbara Darnell were also in attendance.

Prior to the call to order Karen distributed a copy of the November 2002 agenda so that the board could enjoy reviewing that part of the libraryís history: interviewing ownerís project representative Craig White, receiving the feasibility study from architects, and consideration of moving or demolishing houses at 120 N. Market and 116 E. Bow streets in order to move forward with the building project.

Barbara explained the additional claims to be included with the minutes of the October meeting. There being no discussion, Deanna moved and Teresa seconded approval of the October 9, 2006, minutes; motion carried.

Barbara presented the October financial report. There is a cash balance of $449,808.58 after the October receipts and disbursements. The bond payment will be due at the end of December. The requested advance draw on November taxes is expected before the bond payment is due. Barbara pointed out that the earnings on the MBIA investments include earnings of $1186.16 on the operating fund investment and $187.95 on the fountain fund. The board expressed pleasure with the MBIA investment earnings. Barbara circulated information about an upcoming MBIA update meeting and additional MBIA information. John expressed interest in attending the update meeting.

The board reviewed several items on the November claims register and Karen answered all questions, including clarification of a payment of $407.50 to the architectural firm Veazey, Parrott, Durkin and Shoulders.

The board asked about Joe Lovellís progress on the drainage project. Except for the south entrance French drain, he has not yet started because of weather-related and other reasons; he expects to begin the work very soon. Karen has stressed to him the importance of completing the work during the 2006 budget period.

The total of claims was $25,247.54. John moved approval; Teresa seconded; motion carried.

Five payments have been made on the lease rental (bond) fund; twenty-five payments are yet to be paid. Payments are due June 30 and December 31.

Karen asked for approval of fund transfers in order to keep all funds in the black at the end of the year. Deanna moved and Stephanie seconded the motion to approve the transfers; motion carried. The total transfers of $2467.00 are appended to these minutes.

Under Old Business Karen reported that she has been pleased with the progress made by ECS in correcting the libraryís HVAC problems. They have spent several hours at the library but have not yet finished. Kurt Stevensí work has saved the library more than $300 on the September electric bill and the newly completed repairs will also help. He has saved us over $4000 since he began working for us. The public meeting rooms remain too warm, and Kurt will address the radiant heaters once the controls have been stabilized. Karen recommended we hire his KB Solutions company for another quarter and renew quarter-by-quarter. Kurt is willing to work in this manner. John moved approval of the recommendation to employ KB Solutions for December through February, Deanna seconded, and the motion carried.

Pat McPeak of the Thorntown K of P has still not responded to Karenís request to have our September utility bill adjusted because of KD Stablesí unauthorized use of library electricity during the three-day Festival of the Turning Leaves. The Friends have also been unable to get a refund on the duplicate booth fee paid to the K of P for the festival weekend. Both situations should be resolved soon.

Representatives from Harmon Glass have taught the staff how to work the windows and have ordered a replacement window and parts where needed. They also made several repairs.

The Carnegie door has been installed by Whitaker Glass. The glass in the side lights is temporary and Troy Whitaker stated the correct glass should be installed soon. In addition, he is to install an interior lock that uses the same keys as the exterior. The door looks very nice. There was a discussion about whether to leave the center railing on the Carnegie steps. Karen will study other Carnegie libraries in order to find the safest and most attractive railing that would be compatible with the brick and limestone pedestals.

The wood floor of the Carnegie has had two coats of GymSeal applied by community service workers and Karen. It is still curing but looks great.

The new shelving for the lower level lobby has been ordered but not yet arrived. The shelving will not be on casters but will come assembled.

All hurdles to approve the 2007 budgets have been passed and all deadlines were met.

Under new business Karen reported that she had been advised by the Indiana State Library that the non-resident fee must be increased from $90 to $160 per year. This increase was precipitated by our adding $400,000 to the 2005 budget through the additional appropriations process. The reasons for such a one-time budget increase were completion of the building project, purchase of property, and expenditure of insurance funds received because of flooding in 2004 during construction. It is anticipated that the non-resident fee, which is computed by dividing the operating fund expenditures by the number of residents in the tax-paying townships of Jefferson, Sugar Creek and Washington, will be reduced after the 2006 budget year has been concluded. The 2000 census figures must still be used when figuring number of residents served. John moved and Stephanie seconded that the non-resident fee be increased to $160; motion carried.

Karen presented a revised contract for Clinton Township service with a flat fee of $3600 for 2007. The contract is based on previous use by Clinton Twp. residents. The board agreed by consensus that it should be forwarded to the Clinton Twp. Trustee.

The Community Foundation of Boone County has again requested a donation. The board has supported them in the past and will consider at the December meeting.

Buy-Rite is coming to give an estimate on repairing the blue vinyl steps which are not holding up well; the adhesive is failing and three steps have cracks. There are a few places where the carpet is coming loose, probably due to water damage. Buy-Rite will also provide an estimate on replacing the tread on the Carnegie steps on the west (upper level) and north (lower level).

Linda Porter will be taught how to write payroll as a back-up person for Barbara Darnell. Linda White is training circulation clerk Bonnie Deakins as the technology/systems back-up. Yvonne Urban-Morgan is Karenís back-up person for facilities management.

Yvonne has asked to carry over four and one-half vacation days into 2007. Although this is not customary practice, it would be helpful since Chris Hawkins will have major surgery on December 4 and be off work for several weeks. The board approved by consensus Karenís recommendation, and stipulated that the carrying over of vacation days should not establish precedent..

In the Directorís Report Karen passed around a picture from the Lebanon Reporter concerning the libraryís Halloween festivities. There were 284 visitors who came for treats. The Red Hatters had a meeting for 32 people on Saturday, and the program, a Red Hat Boutique, was a big success. The Christmas Family Night this year will be December 4 and feature Spanish desserts instead of a complete meal. Four teas have been scheduled between January 2007 and March 2008.

The personnel issues have been resolved.

Several donations to the fountain fund have been received in response to enclosures mailed with recent statements by Home National Bank. The board expressed gratitude for this assistance by the bank.

Mary Lou Carney, a former librarian at Thorntown, is now volunteering her time monthly.

Use and circulation of materials has already increased by about 7000 from last year. About 25% of this is video material.

Ron Guinnís term will be renewed for four more years, pending reappointment by the Western Boone Community Schools board.

Karen has volunteered a day of manual labor and will send Linda White and Cathie Jackson for a day of cataloging and processing of materials at the Williamsport Public Library. That library has moved into an American Legion building following a fire set by arsonists.

Teresa reported on praise for the Thorntown Public Library; the praise was heard from a newcomer in town.

There being no further business, Deanna moved and Stephanie seconded the meeting be adjourned; motion carried. The meeting adjourned at 7:40 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Patty Ramsey, secretary