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February 14, 2005

Treasury Liaison Teresa Carter called the meeting to order at 6:03 pm. Other members in attendance were: Ron Guinn, Patty Ramsey and Linda Yoder. Also present were Library Director Karen Niemeyer and Treasurer Barb Darnell. President Eric Ragsdale arrived ten minutes into the meeting and took over at that point.

Patty moved the acceptance of the secretaryís report, and Deanna seconded. The minutes were approved. A copy of the additional claims is attached to these minutes. The Claim Register was signed for last month and this month due to a computer problem in January.

Treasurer Barb Darnell presented her report, showing January operating receipts of $23,280.72, noting the COIT monies are higher this year. January disbursements totaled $42,044.08. The ending cash balance is $178,474.07. Several of the Board members commented on the fact that there is still almost half a million dollars in total cash and investments, even after the building project. Karen stated that there will still be about a quarter of a million after the retainage is paid. Ron moved the acceptance of the financial report, Patty seconded, and the report was accepted.

There were no changes to the investments for this month, and Barb noted that neither of the CDs will come due in 2005. Both mature in 2006.

The Board then considered the Claims Register. Several large bills were discussed, primarily the receipt of the Anthem bill and the one year payment of the liability and property claim for Grange Mutual Casualty. Karen requested the addition of claims for the payment of $5,861 for drywall under building repairs and also for professional development costs ($338.60) to send Rita and Karen to ILF. Teresa moved the acceptance of the claims register with additions, Ron seconded, and the motion passed.

Karen commented that she wants to see a complete list of all costs on the building project plus repairs, and she is in the process of providing such a list to the Board. It will obviously take some time to prepare, so she is, at this point, just making the Board aware of her intention.

In a continuation of a discussion begun with the acceptance of the claims register, Karen recommended a transfer from the telephone budget line (100.3.033) to the insurance line (100.3.039) in the amount of $2,000. After discussion with our insurance agent Dick Galvin, she suggested paying the insurance on an annual basis and increasing the deductible to $500. We have already put the entire original annual payment in the claims register, so we will receive a $650 refund from Grange. Linda moved the Board approve the transfer of funds from telephone to insurance and the increase in the deductible, resulting in a $650 refund. Patty seconded, and the motion passed.

Karen gave the building project report, stating that most of the items are getting crossed off the punch list. The shelf building project is done although John, Eric and Ron will still be needed to help with moving the heavy white video shelving. Justin Twitty has been a good community service worker and has been instrumental in getting the shelving completed. Karen is hopeful that the storage areas will be emptied by the first of March.

There is also a challenge with the rolling workstation built by Laminique for the Library. For some unidentified reason, with no one currently accepting blame, the workstation is much too large to be usable. Karen got a bid from Laminique to cut down the rolling workstation, using casters from existing cabinet to save money. The book cart will get smaller casters. The amount of the bid was $567. Patty moved we accept the bid, Linda seconded, and the motion passed.

Karen also said that Matt Butcher has been at the library working on the Flaugher list and is about done. The carpeting in Fernís office will need to be replaced because it has flooded twice, and that is still under discussion.

Under old business, the library received a check on February 12 for $33,682.30 for the cost of repairs resulting from the May 30 and June 15 flooding while the building was under construction. The check has been deposited in unappropriated cash, which means that it is not accessible for paying costs connected to the building this year, creating a dual issue. First of all, the library is responsible for making payment to Flaugher, and Flaugher is responsible for paying the subs the currently unpaid amount for costs incurred subsequent to and related to the flooding. There is some controversy as to how much Flaugher has paid at this time. The Board agreed that the subcontractors and Flaugher should be paid, subject to the following stipulations: receipt of invoices from Flaugher, notification by each sub that the amount is correct (either by letter or submission of invoice), and notification by Flaugher that all invoices are true, final, and represent closure on this portion of the construction project. All checks will be written to require joint signatures by Flaugher and the individual subcontractors.

The second issue is the source of funding for these payments; Karen recommended that the Board approve going through the additional paperwork to be able to appropriate the funds, which include the cost of the drywall, the insurance payment plus the deductible. This will require a public hearing. Ron moved that we borrow the money from ourselves until the additional appropriation process is completed. Linda seconded, and the motion passed. The Board was very emphatic that the Flaugher mark up not be paid on these items related to the flooding.

The construction manuals are still not available, but we should be getting them soon. Karen also stated the health insurance report will be given in March. Ericís paperwork still needs to be completed so that he can start his new board term, and the attendance issues were resolved by the reappearance of the two missing board members.

As far as the construction payments, our architect is not ready to release the retainage because he hasnít seen everything. The architect, Flaugher, the subs, and the library representatives will attend a meeting at which time the retainage will be paid to Flaugher.

Under new business, Karen presented the first half of the annual report, which serves as a history of what is happening during the building project. She stated a personal goal to go through the policy manuals this year. She has been mediating between Zionsville and Lebanon over the commissionersí goal for county wide library service, but we are maintaining our connection with the additional Clinton, Harrison, and Jackson townships, as well as the three that are taxed for Thorntown Library Service: Sugar Creek, Jefferson, Washington.

In light of the new meeting rooms and the potential for problems, the Board considered policy changes connected to alcohol, guns, animals and wildlife. Patty moved, Teresa seconded, and the following changes to the policy were approved:

o D.1.6. Alcoholic beverages are not permitted on library property.
o D.1.7. Firearms are not permitted on library property unless unloaded firearms are being demonstrated in a program planned/approved by library staff and authorized by the director.
o D.1.8. With the exception of animals that help the handicapped, animals and wildlife are not permitted inside the library building unless accompanied by a current letter by a veterinarian certifying that they are disease and flea free.
o D.1.5.5. Food and drink are permitted on vinyl composition tile floors and/or when part of a program organized by library staff.

In the Directorís Report, Karen requested clarification on a probation revocation hearing for Joshua Sanders, the young man who stole several items from the library. She also reported the awarding of a $5,692 grant to fund a senior exercise program for 50 weeks and $400 for a cabinet to store lunch program supplies. The grant was made by the Community Foundation of Boone County. We had 17 people for the first exercise class.

The meeting was adjourned at 7:38 on a motion from Ron and a second by Patty.

Next Regular Meeting: Monday, March 13, 2004 at 6:00 pm.

Respectfully Submitted,

Linda Yoder, Secretary
Thorntown Public Library Board of Trustees