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October 11, 2004

Treasurer Liaison Teresa Carter called the meeting to order at 6:00 pm. Other members in attendance were: Ron Guinn, Patty Ramsey, Deanna Brueggert, and Eric Ragsdale. Also present were Library Director Karen Niemeyer and Treasurer Barb Darnell.

Ron Guinn moved approval of the secretary’s report of the September 8, 2004, meeting; Teresa seconded; motion carried.

Treasurer Barbara Darnell presented the monthly and quarterly financial reports. September operating fund receipts of $183,667.16 included transfer of $169.977.60 from operating CD #11399. We are still awaiting the first property tax payment for 2004 and borrowing from out savings for both operating and construction expenses. Disbursements from the operating fund for September totaled $203,960.75. The ending cash balance is $15,133.11.

The board then considered the claims register. Patty moved approval; Ron seconded; motion carried. The register of investments was reviewed and it was noted that our $250,000 operating CD is being preserved and receiving a 4.9% interest rate.

Eric and Karen signed the PLAC report so that it may be mailed to the Indiana State Library.

Karen reported on the building project. The punch list for phase II (the Carnegie portion of the library) was developed after a walk-through on October 7, and the construction company will have two weeks to complete punch list items. After that time Gym Seal will be applied to the 1914 yellow pine floor of the upper level of the Carnegie library and two weeks will be required for curing of the finish.

Under Old Business Karen reported that Edie Huffman of the Indiana State Library met with her and with Linda White to evaluate the progress of the LSTA $6400 grant for our wireless network. Her resulting report was favorable on the progress of the project. At the time of the evaluation the wiring was in, most of the hardware had been installed, and survey forms/coaching forms had been offered to area residents to determine what kinds of training/support would be required.

Karen reported that for the first time the library was open during the September Festival of the Turning Leaves. All visitors were pleased with and impressed by the library’s progress and facilities. Andrea Woods was hired to serve as restroom matron. The library staff had developed a float for the parade, and the Friends of the Library held
a book sale on Main Street.

There is no report on the results of the Builders’ Risk Insurance Claim.

Karen reported that as soon as property tax funds have been received, plans for expenditures for the remainder of the year will be developed. Any unused funds remain part of the library’s cash balance. In order to facilitate planning, she has submitted a request to the county auditor for an advance draw on both the spring and fall tax installments.

Programs for October, November, and December have been planned. The November 8 meeting will be limited to one hour in order to allow the board to participate in the dedication ceremony of the expanded library.

The meeting was adjourned at 6:28 p.m. on a motion from Teresa and a second by Patty.

Next Regular Meeting: Monday, November 8, 2004 at 6:00 pm.

Respectfully Submitted,

Karen K. Niemeyer, Secretary Pro Tem
Thorntown Public Library Board of Trustees