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As we look at the life and ministry of Jesus Christ, we get a clear idea of what his goals were and what direction he wanted the church to go. From the Great Commission we see that Jesus' number one concern was making disciples. He wants the church, his followers, and all Christians everywhere to be disciples who can make disciples. And so we at Pleasant View Church see as our main goal the same goal that Jesus had - making disciples.

We strive to have every aspect of our ministry geared in one way or another toward helping people at various stages of the Christian journey become healthy and reproducing disciples of Jesus Christ. And so we have different ministries that reach out to people at different levels of outreach events or social events is geared toward meeting specific needs and achieving specific purposes rather than just doing ministry for ministry's sake. With all of this being said, we believe that our vision can be said as follows:

We believe that we exist to develop mature followers of Jesus Christ who will live for Him and make Him known.

We invite you to come and look into what the Lord is doing at Pleasant View Church. No matter where you are in your Christian walk, we believe that we have a place for you in our church family.

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