Trailer Safety and Maintenance Session

Buying/borrowing and pulling a horse trailer for the first few years can be a trying and memorable experience for many Pony Club families. The purpose of this session will be to acquaint participants on how to perform yearly and routine safety checks on their trailer and towing vehicle. Basic maintenance that can be performed by the non-mechanic will be covered.

  1. Introduction: Safety through maintenance and proper driving
    1. Injury to equine and humans
    2. Time delays and missed activities
    3. Peace of mind
  2. Yearly maintenance and inspection (trailer) (Yearly maintenance checklist)
    1. Tires- checking and thread depth (coin test)
    2. Springs, hangers and U-bolts
    3. Wheel bearings and brakes
    4. Frame welds and hitch operation
    5. Ramps, doors, and partitions
    6. Wiring and lights
    7. Floor boards
  3. Yearly Maintenance and Inspection (towing vehicle)
    1. Tires
    2. Change transmission fluid and filter (every 15,000 miles)
    3. Flush and fill radiator and differential
    4. Check springs, shocks and frame (in hitch area)
    5. Check U-joints
    6. Replace all fuel and air filters
    7. Check all belts and hoses (carry one set of old ones for spares)
    8. Check hitch platform bolts and welds

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