Towing Vehicles and Trailers Session

Purchasing a towing vehicle and trailer to support your child's Pony Club experience can be a very expensive proposition. This session will look at the basic requirements needed in a towing vehicle and trailer to arrive safely with horses at Pony Club activities, whether you are purchasing new or used equipment. Time will also be devoted to discussing the purchase of multi-purpose vehicles and trailers that can meet all of your family's needs.

  1. Introduction- the ideal towing vehicle
    1. Multi-family use
    2. Number of people and horses to be transported
    3. Local travel vs. over the road
    4. New vs. used vehicle
  2. Towing vehicle specifications
    1. Body style (truck, van or car)
    2. Wheel base
    3. FWD,FTD or rear wheel drive
    4. Engine (size, diesel or gas)
    5. Rear axle ratios
    6. Transmission
  3. Factory towing packages
    1. Transmission oil coolers
    2. Heavy duty radiator
    3. Heavy duty springs and shocks
    4. Heavy duty directional flasher
    5. Trailer wiring harness
    6. Special axle ratios
  4. Trailer Hitches
    1. Class III vs. Class IV
    2. Load equalizing devices
    3. Sway control devices
  5. Trailer Selection
    1. Pull type vs. "gooseneck"
    2. Stock type vs. traditional
    3. Dressing Room vs. tack compartment
    4. Manger or Thoroughbred design
    5. Aluminum vs. steel
    6. Ramp vs. step-up
    7. Height, width and stall size
    8. Brakes, axles and tires

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