Genealogy Research in Boone County


All research is conducted by Boone County Genealogical Society volunteers using available indexed sources and reference material in Boone County Libraries. Please send your name and mailing address, (e-mail if available) with your specific request including as many details as possible with a limit of one surname per request.

Send your request by letter to:

Attn: Research Committe

Boone County Genealogical Society

P.O. Box 83

Thorntown, IN 46071

Or by E-mail to Jamey Hickson



For each request the FEE is $6.00 PER HOUR or any part thereof. Additional costs are .75 for microfilmed copies, .25 for photocopies plus postage.

Newspaper research is performed using microfilmed copies of Boone County newspapers that are available in Boone County libraries.

Please send your name, address, telephone number and email address (if available) along with your research request. Before the requested information is sent to you either by e-mail or postal mail, you will be contacted and required to send full payment for research to:

Boone County Genealogical Society
Attention: Treasurer
PO Box 83
Thorntown, IN 46071

Note: We do not search for living relatives, nor will we research sources outside Boone County.