It's All Relatives! is the official newsletter of the Boone County Genealogical Society. It is published and distributed quarterly to all members and contains articles of interest to the Boone County area as well as articles of more general interest.

The Boone County Genealogical Society welcomes copies of previously unpublished Bible records, diaries, biographies, old letters and other material of interest to genealogists and historians. All writers must indicate the source of their information, either informally within the text of the document or cited as footnotes. Material should be typed or provided as a text document and sent to the attention of the Newsletter Editor. Submissions may be edited for space and/or clarity.

Information contained in the BCGS Newsletter has been obtained from sources believed to be accurate; however the BCGS cannot guarantee the accuracy of data and assumes no responsibility for errors or omissions. Corrections to articles are published when submitted.

Submit articles and information to Newsletter Editor: Beth Keilb.

Beth can be contacted by mail:
C/O Lebanon Public Library

104 E Washington Street
Lebanon, IN 46052
Phone: 765.482.3460 ext.261
E - mail


The newsletters have been saved as PDFs. You must have a PDF reader like the Adobe Reader or the Foxit PDF Reader in order to open the files (both readers can be downloaded for free).