May 1999


Paul Bendit -- Home Town Tales, Commercial Filters Retirees

Pat Biggerstaff -- Complete Outdoors Encyclopedia, Dennis & Janet Biggerstaff

Alice Blume -- Chicken Soup for the Kid's Soul, Tom & Chris Whitsitt

Mary Catherine "Katy" Bramblett -- Monetary, Ella Jane Cadger

Charles Campbell -- U.S. 50 The Forgotten Highway, Commercial Filters Retirees

James H. Carr -- The New Organic Grower, Lois Buntin

Eco-Farm, Thomas Budd

Russell Coffman -- Field & Stream Fish Finding Handbook, Commercial Filters Retirees

George Dixon -- The 500 Home Run Club, Commercial Filters Retirees

Scott Lee Edwards -- Wit & Wisdom from the Peanut Butter Gang, Larry & Pat Edwards

Racing Cars, Larry & Pat Edwards

Aircraft and Space Rockets, Larry & Pat Edwards

Insects, Larry & Pat Edwards

The Secret Oceans, Larry & Pat Edwards

Oren "Jack" Evans -- Robert E. Lee on Leadership, Commercial Filters Retirees

Char Giddings -- Girlfriends, Kathy Servies

Ralph Halstead -- The Person Who Changed My Life, Commercial Filters Retirees

Alice Blume Kirkwood -- For Everything A Season, Jim & Jenny Short

A Home for all Seasons, Jim & Jenny Short

Devon McDonald -- Vintage & Historic Indianapolis Race Cars, Commercial Filters Retirees

John R. Meyer -- The Century, James & Kathy Acton

Vernon Neese -- Top Rated Freshwater Fishing in North America, Commercial Filters Retirees

Bob and Ruby Padgett -- Hometown Diners, Marge Finnell, Peggy Stout, Lucille Andrews,

G. C. & Anna Mae Harmon, Liz Grant

Comfort from a Country Quilt, Marge Finnell, Peggy Stout, Lucille Andrews, G. C.

& Anna Mae Harmon, Liz Grant

Rosemary Peterman -- Clinton County, Indiana, Index of Names of Persons and of Firms, Diane Kenworthy

Hendricks County Index of Names of Persons & of Firms, Rosemary Weddle

Cliff Porter -- Your First Business Plan, Commercial Filters Retirees

John Riddle -- Traveling the Ohio River Scenic Route, Commercial Filters Retirees

Cecil Venis -- Law of the Lawless (Large Print), Commercial Filters Retirees


Tom Cunningham -- Cutaway Farm Machines, Zachary Davis

Linda Jones, Our Teacher -- Today I Feel Silly & Other Moods That Make My Day, Centenary

Methodist Preschool 1998-1999 Classes

Marcia Kunz -- The Chicken Salad Club, Catie Nance

Ralph Morton, for his 80th Birthday -- Garden Ornament, Alada Alexander

Rosemary Peterman -- Roster of George H. Thomas Post No. 17, Lebanon Public Library

Hutchinson's 1870 Directory of Indianapolis, Indiana, Lebanon Public Library

Resource Guide to the Cemeteries of Marion County, Indiana, Lebanon Public Library

Crown Hill Series Book I and II, Lebanon Public Library

Land Ownership in Marion County, Indiana, 1821-1824, Lebanon Public Library

Cemetery Readings for Decatur Township, Marion County, Indiana, Lebanon Public


Cemetery Readings for Pike Township, Marion County, Indiana, Lebanon Public Library

Suzan Pethe -- The Shy Little Angel, Catie Nance

Other Donations and Gifts include:

Celebrating Bill Cosby's 25 Years with the Jell-O Family -- My Big Lie, Jell-O Company

Money Troubles, Jell-O Company

One Dark and Scary Night, Jell-O Company

The Experiment, Blake Mohler

The First Journey, Blake Mohler

The Invasion, Blake Mohler

The Exposed, Blake Mohler

In the Time of Dinosaurs, Blake Mohler

The Fungus Among Us, Blake Mohler