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Cookies: Bite-Size Life Lessons - Amy Krouse Rosenthal

August & September Memorials & Gifts

In Memory Of:

Beth ChambersCookies: Bite-Size Life Lessons, Sweets to the SweetRon & Kris Livengood, Lisa & Matt Hutton, Matt & Sarah Livengood
Virginia CombsEasy Beauty with AnnualsThe Damon Gates Family
John FogleSweet Hearts [Video], Say Anything... [Video] — Bill Fogle Family
Carol S. HollendonerA Little House TravelerKay & Chase Martin
Dennis MyersOne Magical Sunday (But Winning Isn't Everything) (DVD) — Colleen Royal & Family
Mary Louise ScottCookies: Bite-Size Life LessonsBarbara Strange; Bean ThirteenEllen Witte & Kay Martin; Here Lies the LibrarianKay Martin; I is for Idea, Bad Dog MarleyEllen Davis; Green as a BeanThe Lebanon Public Library Staff; Carl's Sleepy Afternoon, The Perfect NightJoann Jones Family "Jo & Mike, Gaye & Don, Howard & Denise, Joann.";

In Honor Of:

Jonathan David Park on his 1st birthday — A Treasury for One Year OldsJeffry Jones
Lebanon Public LibrarySaints of the Pueblos, Navajo and Pueblo Earrings 1850-1945

Other Donations and Gifts:

How to Make a Decision (CD), Weary Warriors & Fainting Saint (CD), Exposing Strife (Audio Cassette), People Pleasers: Are You Pleasing Man or Pleasing God, Loving God Loving Yourself and Loving Others, The Spirit of Offense, The Law of Gradual Growth, Religion or Relationship, The Inner Life, Mind, Mouth, Moods & Attitudes, Never Say No Way (Video), and 14 other audio books of Joyce Meyer’s collection. — Women’s Night Out