July 2003




Our dog Punky -- God is With You, Bill, Julie, Sean, and Lauren Conley

Spunky's Diary, Bill, Julie, Sean, and Lauren Conley


Marjorie J. Beck -- Quilts are Forever, Jean Thrine


Steve Ebert -- The Teammates, Dave and Marsha Truitt


Donald L. Goodman -- Dog Dogs, Dolores R. Goodman

Best of James Herriott, Dolores R. Goodman

Every Living Thing, Dolores R. Goodman

The Hidden Life of Dogs, Dolores R. Goodman

The Complete Book of the Dog, Dolores R. Goodman

Dogs, Dolores R. Goodman

Millie's Book, Dolores R. Goodman

James Herriot's Dog Stories, Dolores R. Goodman


John Isenhower -- When Daddy Prays, Ted and Delana Bennington and Family

Down on Casey's Farm, Ted and Delana Bennington and Family

We Survived and Thrived, Anna Rodgers & family


Jean Jeffries -- Tiptoeing Through Hell, Anna Rodgers & family


Steven L. Kouns, Sr. -- When Morning Comes, Omega Chapter of Psi Iota Xi


Dartha L. Long -- Words For Teachers To Live By, Omega Chapter of Psi Iota Xi

Mrs. Dot Long -- One Is a Snail, Ten Is a Crab, Sigma Delta Pi

Dot Long -- The Lonely Doll, Hortense Richman & Ann Cunningham

Every Tiny Grain of Sand, Sigmon and Jane Myers

The Earth is Good, Sigmon and Jane Myers

Mrs. Robert Long -- My Teacher's Secret Life, John and Judy Clifton

A Full Hand, John and Judy Clifton


John Mullikin -- Chicken Soup for the Golfer's Soul, Sigmon and Jane Myers and family


Aaron Norwood -- Your Calf : A Kid's Guide to Raising and Showing Beef and Dairy

Calves, Pat Keller family

Cows, Pat Keller family





Mid Messenger, Happy Birthday, Mamaw -- Wherever 2 or 3 are GatheredůSomeone

Spills the Milk, Christy, Michelle, and Sigmon Myers


Mary Scherer -- Sophie's Masterpiece: A Spider's Tale, Hortense Richman & Dot Long


Aaron and Kim Zell - 25th Wedding Anniversary -- To Everything, Sig and Jane Myers

Grilling, Sig and Jane Myers