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June & July  2012 Memorials & Gifts

Kris Livengood -- The Golf Book, Carol Strader & Vicki Nielson
Algonquin Wits, Iva Sue Smith
Pillsbury Easy As Pie, Sue Fields & Sue Ann Sandlin
This Is the Game, Dan & Vicki
This Little Bunny Can Bake, Dan & Vicki
Curious George and the Pizza, Dan & Vicki
The Joy of Scrapbooking, Joe & Virginia
The Retired Kid, Joe & Virginia
The Noisy Farm, Joe & Virginia
Tarra & Bella: The Elephant and Dog Who Became Best Friends, Joe & Virginia
The Family Storybook Treasury, Anita Wanless
Pet of the MET, Anita Wanless
A Warm Welcome, Elsie Wanless
Dogology, Elsie Wanless
Monetary Gift, Ken, Paula, Aaron & Evan Acton
Monetary Gift, Frank & Delores Beglo
Monetary Gift, Larry & Janet Cook
Monetary Gift, Jim & Diane Devivo
Monetary Gift, David & Carol Hutton   
Monetary Gift, Lisa Hutton
Monetary Gift, Bud & Pat Marvonic  
Monetary Gift, Charles & Lillian McDaniel
Monetary Gift, Kerele & Barb Smith
Monetary Gift, John & Patti Stewart
Monetary Gift, Carol Strader & Vicki Nielson
Monetary Gift, Sandra Wellman
Monetary Gift, Bill & Gale Whitaker
Monetary Gift, Allen & Jennifer Woods  
Monetary Gift, Jerry & Janet Wraley   
Monetary Gift, Zionsville Post Office
Sally Reese -- Curious George Takes A Train, Betty Linn
Kenneth Rockstroh -- The Illustrated Bible Story By Story, Jean Gayer
Anita Wolf's "Rocky" -- Finding Susie, All Animals Veterinary Clinic
Dewey: There's A Cat In The Library, All Animals Veterinary Clinic

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Monetary Gift, Anonymous.