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In Memory Of:

William T "Tommie" Bowles, Sr. -- Defining a Nation: Our America and the Sources of Its Strength, Commercial Filters Division, Parker-Hannifin Retirees

Becky Fox --
Miracles of Motherhood, and The Art of Motherhood, Chrisy Hedge and Family and Cathy Adams and Family

Sam Garrard --
Every Garden Is a Story, 1982 Class Reunion Planning Committee

Thomas McClure –
Golfing with Dad, Glenna Lenox & Jill Lariviere ; Monetary gift, Dr. & Mrs. Richard Schumacher ; Monetary gift, Dick & Kris Galvin ; Monetary gift, Jerry E. and Sally Tanselle ; Monetary gift, Sheldon Marrs ; Monetary gift, Monte & Florence Juillerat ; Monetary gift, Larry Williams

Jim Nelson --
Classic Cars, Tourist Club

Jack Porter --
Artwork: a brass rubbing of "Scottish Royalty", H.T. Blackwell Family

James E. Schmitz --
The Illustrated History of Catholicism & the Catholic Saints, Commercial Filters Division, Parker-Hannifin Retirees

Marjorie Stark --
Paint & Canvas : A Life of T.C. Steele, Lebanon Public Library Board & Staff

George Westfall –
Old Fishing Lures and Tackel, and Complete Guide to Fresh Water Fishing, Tom and Judy Cunningham, Mark and Bev Cunningham, and Marcia and Alan Wilhoite

In Honor Of:

Clairbelle Robinson -- Be the Miracle, Gleaners Home Extension Club 50th Anniversary

Myka Schlesinger -- Just Like Mama, The Forsythe Family

Other Donations and Gifts

Monetary gift, Stephanie Burton-Doyle ; Monetary gift, Velda Donaldson