May 2001




Margaret L. Beard -- History of Women's Costume, Don and Ginny Hussong

Mother of My Mother, John & Faye Shartzer & Family

Costume of Ancient Rome, Doris Jean Plott

History of Children's Costume, Doris Jean Plott

The Witness, (Video), James & Shirley Beard

Angel Watch, Mrs. Mary H. Shell & Family

Simply Christmas, Mrs. Mary H. Shell & Family


Thelma Burgin -- Leaves of Grass, (Classic Book), Mike and Sande Burns and Damon

and Patty Gates


Dr. Ritchie Coons -- The Silver Swan, Nick and Stacey Baldwin

The RVer's Bible, Ken & Shirley Rockstroh


Ritchie Coons -- Never Let It End : Poems of a Lifelong Love, Jack Stough Family


Dr. Ritchie Coons, who made us believe in our possibilities -- I Imagine Angels, Dana &

Ellen Witte and Family

Make Me a Miracle, Dana & Ellen Witte and Family


Dora M. Davidson -- The Master of Disguise, Craig E. Davidson

The Breach, Craig E. Davidson

We're Right, They're Wrong, Craig E. Davidson


Joan Hays -- Hawaiian Sunrise, (Large Print), Lawrence Township 4-H Club

Lord of the Silent, (Large Print), Lawrence Township 4-H Club

The Blue Nowhere, (Large Print), Lawrence Township 4-H Club

The Last Knight, (Large Print), Lawrence Township 4-H Club

The Summerhouse, (Large Print), Lawrence Township 4-H Club

A Gathering of Memories, (Large Print), Lawrence Township 4-H Club


Don Jackson -- Once Upon a Farm, Ronald E. McDaniel


Dan Kincaid -- May the Angels Be with You, Jerry & Agnes

Superstars of Stock Car Racing, Jerry & Agnes


Mary Francis Kinkaid -- America : The Vegetarian Table, The Magazine Club


Charles E. Martin -- Lebanon High School Cedars 1967-1979, Popular Photography /

American Artist books & magazines, Mrs. Martin


Larry McMann -- Bear Noel, Nick Caldwell &  Mom & Family in remembrance and



Bill Myers, Beverly's son -- Nature's Holy Realm, Beverly and Jim Schenck


Mrs. Marie Neuman -- Books for the  Summer Reading Camp which is designed to

encourage reluctant readers, and tutor them so they don't lose their skills

over the summer, Marilyn Gambou


Dorothy Ridge -- Singer : The Complete Photo Guide to Sewing, Joyce, Joan, Barbara,

Mary and Lois


Grandma Ann Saalwaechter -- Grandma's Gone to Live in the Stars, Amy Vyain


Andy Stein -- My Son, My Son, Mom for your 25th Birthday


Robert Truitt -- An Album of Memories, Ken & Shirley Rockstroh


Tommy Turner -- Silver Seeds : A Book of Nature Poems, Ken, Pam, Michelle &

Bridget Dies


Rex Weeks -- The Long Winter, Club Bear

Little House in the Big Woods, Club Bear

Little House on the Prairie, Club Bear

Farmer Boy, Club Bear

The First Four Years, Club Bear

By the Shores of Silver Lake, Club Bear

Little Town on the Prairie, Club Bear

These Happy Golden Years, Club Bear

On the Banks of Plum Creek, Club Bear





Ria Albano -- God Makes Nightime Too, Cameron Howe


Cede Michelle Hemmerling -- For Every Child, Chad & Carrie Couchman


Betty J. Jones for her Ten Years of Service on the Literacy Board -- The Lion, the Witch

and the Wardrobe, (Classic Book)


Linda Jones -- By the Light of the Captured Moon, Tuesday / Thursday Pre-School Class


Trinity Elizabeth Smith -- The Creation Story, Chad & Carrie Couchman

Noah and the Big Boat, Chad & Carrie Couchman

Jonah and the Big Fish, Chad & Carrie Couchman