August 2000


Bernie Burns -- The Flag We Love, Carl Wayne and Molly Riggs

Gifts, Vic Jones Family

The Magic Hill, Vic Jones Family

Christmas is Coming, Friends of the Library

The Old Church Book, Mr. & Mrs. Herbert Searles, Mr. & Mrs. Gene Weber, Mr &

Mrs. Robert Beck, Mrs. Sonya Wethington and Mr. & Mrs. Ken Mansholt

Molly Bannaky, Geff, Lori & Maci French

The American Century : Art & Culture 1900-1950, Geff, Lori & Maci French

A Honey of a Day, Hortense Richman and Ann Cunningham

Grumpy Bunnies, Hortense Richman and Ann Cunningham

Angels on Earth (6 Guidepost Issues), Jan and Jerry Wraley

Encyclopedia of Flowers, Larry & Ruth Ann Chesney

The Last Straw, Bob & Helen Harman

He Chose the Nails, Lucy & Jack Klar

Bernadene Burns -- Angels with Fur, Joe & Ann Newsom

Beyond the Gathering Storm (Large Print), Joe & Ann Newsom

Arloine Cowan -- Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star, Geff, Lori & Maci French

First Day Jitters, Geff, Lori & Maci French

Journeys With Elijah : Eight Tales of the Prophet, Geff, Lori & Maci French

The Angel with the Golden Glow, Richard & Donna Linton

Joe Hales -- American Civil War Places, Jim & Debby Shubert

Peg Hardin -- The Sunsets of Miss Olivia Wiggins, Paul Howard Hardin

What Is Death?, Brian Russell Brown

Dragon, Brian Russell Brown

To Sleep With the Angels, Judy Hardin Brown

Spicecrafts, Judy & Ron Brown

A Baby Born in Bethlehem, John Russell Hardin

Country Wreaths & Baskets, Nancy & Ed Hardin

Knitting Today's Classics, Joe & Dorla Haboush

Sasha Kagan's Country Inspiration : Knitwear for All Seasons, Charles and Andrea


Flea Roy Jones -- Secrets of the Saltwater Fly, Jessica Sherman, Darren Lowe, Juliann Lowe,

Brandi Lowe, Robbie Baumgardt, Megan Baumgardt

Roy Jones -- 100 Years of Fishing, George & Sue Lowe, Richard & Diann Lowe, Kenny & Betty

Lowe, Bob & Debra Baumgardt, Larry & Jan Menzer, and Steve & Judy Sherman

K.C. Kays -- A Hatful of Seuss, John, Cheri & Allison Goodwin

Dorothy (Jean) Maxwell -- Map of Boone & Clinton Counties Indiana (Map), Carl Maxwell and

daughters, Jane McCarter, Kathy Kendall & Margaret Mitchell

Steve Pratt -- Top 10 Basketball Shot-Blockers, Molly & Carl Riggs

Lucyellen Stump -- Eleanor Roosevelt, Volume Two 1933-1938, Lucy & Jack Klar

Fern Sullivan -- Where the Red Fern Grows, Dwayne, Donna, Jennifer & Emily Downing

In Memory/Honor of all of our cats -- You & Your Cat : A Complete Guide to the Health, Care

& Behavior of Cats, The Brandenburg Family



Randy & Shirley Ihnen -- The World's Most Beautiful Dolls, Dan & Suzanne Mossman, Ellen &

Faye Barkley

Dr. Mary Knotts -- It's Not About the Bike, Meredith and Norma Moore