Minutes of the Lebanon Public Library

Board of Trustees Meeting, August 25, 1999


The meeting was called to order at 4:05 p.m. by President Tom Whitsitt.  Present were members Ruth Lucas, Marsha Truitt, Mike Burns, Sharon Wood and Jane Myers.  Ron Morelock arrived at 4:12 p.m.  The meeting was coordinated by Director Larry Hathaway.


Mr. Whitsitt’s statement that the Executive Session of August 18th had included only discussions as advertised per Indiana Code was approved after a motion by Mrs. Lucas was seconded by Mr. Burns.  The Secretary’s report was approved with a motion by Mrs. Myers and seconded by Mrs. Lucas.  The Treasurer’s report was approved after a motion from Mr. Burns was seconded by Mrs. Truitt, and the board was advised that a special meeting will be held at 4:00 p.m. September 8th to approve the budget.


The Department Head reports were discussed and special mention was given to the increase in circulation, as well as the enthusiastic efforts put forth in the Children’s Department.


The Director’s report prompted several motions, all of which were unanimously approved.  Mrs. Lucas  made a motion, seconded by Mr. Burns, to close the library on Christmas Eve as well as Christmas Day and New Years Eve as well as New Years Day.  Mrs. Truitt made a motion, seconded by Mrs. Myers, to continue our current level of involvement in Indiana Visual and Audio Network; and Mrs. Myers made a motion, seconded by Mrs. Lucas, to authorize $6,683.00 for the GTE telephone system installation (with Mr. Morelock suggesting that GTE be approached about the possibility of slightly lowering their bid.)


It was reported that as of August 23rd, Project Literacy had received $1,264.50 from patrons of the library through our special two month amnesty period, and a Thank you note was read from the Lebanon Boys and Girls Club expressing appreciation to the library for the $637.20 donation our June amnesty month provided them.  The 2000 budget summary was presented and discussed in detail.


Under new business, Mr. Hathaway’s resignation as our Director to accept a like position in another library was unanimously approved after a motion from Mrs. Truitt was seconded by Mrs. Lucas.  Mr. Burns’ motion to reinstate Jim McKee as Adult Services Librarian, without any lapse in salary and with no vacation time being charged against him during his absence, was seconded by Mrs. Myers and approved unanimously.


Mr. Whitsitt, who has chosen as President not to be a voting member of the board except to break a tie vote, made a statement that he disagreed with this board action and personally considered it bad procedure for the library.  He also disagreed with the fact that our amnesty periods include forgiveness of lost items, but the board conversation that ensued produced no supporting consensus of opinion.


Claims were approved after a motion from Mrs. Myers was seconded by Mrs. Wood, and the board then recessed to Executive Session.


The board reconvened its regular session at 5:45 p.m., at which time Mr. Burns made a multi-faceted motion which was seconded by Mrs. Lucas and unanimously approved.


It was decided that Mr. Hathaway will continue as the active Director only through August 31st, though he will by paid in full through September 18th, the original effective date of his resignation.  All his remaining vacation days will be charged against this final pay period.


Jim McKee will be asked to resume full time duties as Adult Services Librarian effective September 1, 1999.


An offer will be made to Children’s Librarian Kay Martin to become Interim Director of the Library effective September 1st, with her duties including the full responsibilities and authority of the Director.  The offer is to be based on a salary of $32,000.00 per year during the interim period and her tenure in this position will be subject to review until a more definite decision is made in this regard, which will probably be after the first of the new year.


The meeting adjourned at 5:51 p.m., with the next regular meeting being scheduled for September 22nd.


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Mike Burns, Secretary                                           Tom Whitsitt, President