Minutes of the Lebanon Public Library Board of Trustees

October 29, 2001



Jane Myers called the meeting to order at 4:35 p.m. Those members present were Huck Lewis, Ron Morlelock, Ruth Lucas, Sharon Wood and Marsha Truitt.


The secretary’s report was reviewed. A motion to pass the minutes was made by Jane and seconded by Huck.


Ruth gave a treasurer’s report. After some discussion of the budget, she reported that we are in good shape.


The Technology Planning Committee will meet on November 14, and they will report their findings to Sharon Wood. The committee will have the new plan in place by December.


Kay reported on the Legislative meeting in Monroe County. The plan is to take the schools off the property tax and it looks like the next in line are the libraries. Small and medium size libraries will be most affected by this legislation, as most large libraries will get the most clout. If this proposed event takes legislation and makes it to a bill, Kay may call upon the Board to write or call their legislators about property taxes.


The first reading of the Long Range Plan was conducted. The next reading will be at the November Board meeting. Regarding the property, the Board is now pursuing mediation, with a session scheduled for November 8. Ruth, Huck, Jane, and Kay have been asked to attend this meeting. Country Realty is the only business besides the Brandenburgs currently in the Lawler building, and the Board is negotiating with them on relocation fees.


The Board made several comments about the wonderful staff reports. Circulation has been dropping each month by an average of about 230 items a month. Video circulation is down by an average of 1000 a month. Kay and Chase informally asked patrons why. There are good deals at Family Video, children’s videos are free; video outlets; and satellite dishes. Even though video circulation is down book circulation is up, especially in the children’s area.


The quote for the outdoor sign came back $2000 more than the verbal agreement. Yvonne will pursue the sign issue further. Since the meeting room is so well used, Kay is having a hard time finding a date so that Hawk’s can redo the floor. New trash receptacles will be ordered for the front of the building.


The library will provide a basket for the ILF silent auction. Kay took a basket from the library to Time Warner to use in their silent auction. Time Warner has been so generous to the library that this is a good way to reciprocate the community partnership. There was no new business.


Old business dealt with the Trotter Farm which is negotiating a new deal to sell the property.


Holiday closings for Thanksgiving are Thanksgiving Day and the Friday following. The library will close at 5:00 p. m. on November 21.


Ron made a motion to accept the claims and Huck seconded.


The Board met in Executive session at 5:30 to evaluate the Director and to discuss litigation involving the Lebanon Public Library Board of Trustees.


There will be discussion at the November Board meeting about changing the day the Board meets. The next Board meeting will be on November 26, 2001 at 4:30 p.m.



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Marsha Truitt, Secretary                                   Jane Myers, President