Minutes of the Lebanon Public Library Board of Trustees Meeting

June 27, 2000


Board President, Jane Myers, called the meeting to order. Linda Jones, Sharon Wood, and Marsha Truitt were present. Ron Morelock, Ruth Lucas, and Huck Lewis were unable to attend. Kay Martin and attorney Todd Meyer were present.

Minutes from May 22 and June 8 were approved as corrected by consensus.

Todd gave an update on the purchase of the Lawler property. George Anderson and LaMar Ferguson received copies of the official appraisal and offer for purchase that the library made on the property based on the appraisal on June 10. Todd recorded this information with the Boone County Clerk in the Misc. Order Book 13, page 134 on June 8. This information was also recorded with the Boone County Recorderís Office, instrument no. 0005655. Todd is keeping a ledger page for his general work for the Library, plus his $50 retainer fee. He has a separate page for the Lawler Building acquisition to be billed at $110 per hour.

Jerry Alexander is asking for his "standard" 3.5% of the appraisal of the building since we are pursuing purchase. This works out to $6,650 of the $190,000 appraisal price. This would be his commission as the buyer/seller purchasing agent.

All of our offers to Mr. Brandenburg have been refused. The expiration on the last offer is July 5. Todd recommended that we file our Right of Eminent Domain in Judge Steve Davidís court. Marsha made the motion, and Linda gave the second to file Eminent Domain condemnation proceedings after expiration of the uniform land acquisition offer.

The Board members expressed to Kay their appreciation of the autographed copies of books given to them by Kay. She discussed how wonderful the ABA conference had been.

Under New Business, the elevator needs a new controller card. We need to upgrade the maintenance contract and we should be all right. This will cover future maintenance, according to Don the "elevator man." There is money in the operation budget for this.

Kay is looking into locks for the restrooms, to prevent vandalism. She is also procuring hazard kits.

Kay is making a Library brochure, and all staff members are participating.

Joanna Howard, who works in the Lawler Building, filed an incident report. A bookmark stained her car. She felt this might have had something to do with the controversy of the purchase of the property.

Kay received the Head Start Volunteer Award and the Volunteer with Parents Award. Also mentioned in the "Focus" was the "Most Bountiful Basket" for the silent auction, created by Kay and the staff.

Under Old Business, Sharon made the motion, Linda gave the second to hire Bill Dickenson to paint the front and back entry ways, the hallway downstairs, strip the meeting room and prep and paint it. The cost is $3,870 and will be covered by the operating budget.

The Confidentiality Policy had the second reading. Marsha made the motion, and Sharon gave the second to approve the policy as written

For next month, we are looking at raising the rate for mileage.

The monthly claims were approved, Marsha made the motion, and Jane gave the second.

The next meeting date is being changed from August 28, 2000 to July 31, 2000.



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Marsha Truitt, Secretary                          Jane Myers, President