Minutes of the Lebanon Public Library Board of Trustees

June 26, 2003


President Jane Myers called the meeting to order at the appointed time and took roll of those present.  Those present were Jane Myers, Huck Lewis, Ruth Lucas, David Koehler, Marsha Truitt, and Executive Director Kay Martin.  Sharon Wood arrived at approximately 4:15 p.m. and Linda Jones at approximately 4:40 p.m.

            Also present in the room from Odle McGuire & Shook was Matt Mayol, architect, Michelle McKinney, responsible for interior design, Darrell Cooper for technology, and Chris Huggins as project manager.  Attorney David Truitt and Dan Sulkoske from Kramer Corporation, the library’s project manager, were present.  Matt Hemelguard of Kramer Corporation was also introduced to the Board by Mr. Sulkoske.  Also present was a representative of the local Lebanon Reporter, Ms. Emily Baldoff.

            The first order of business was the Secretary’s Report that was presented by Marsha Truitt. Huck Lewis moved for approval and David Koehler seconded the motion.  The report was approved by voice vote.

            The Treasurer’s Report was presented by Ruth indicating that it would possibly be late August for the tax draw to be made to the various governmental units.  The draw is odd this year due to the reassessment, and we could in effect be borrowing from our self as we go along in the process.

            Claims were presented and approved without issue.  A second billing was issued from Odle McGuire & Shook for schematic design in the amount of $72,000.  Marsha moved the claims be approved and Ruth seconded, the claims were then approved by unanimous vote.  The next item on the agenda was the building update that came from Huck.  He indicated that the fire department is still working on a date in which to use the Ulen-Lawler building for training.  The Indiana Task Force will likely be training in the Ulen-Lawler building some time around July 7th or the 8th.

            President Myers then turned the meeting over to the representatives from Odle McGuire & Shook, and they made their presentation for the day.  Included was a virtual tour of the proposed new addition with color and carpet samples.  A DVD has been burned with a tour through the library as it may appear once the renovations are completed.  The “tour” was replayed several times at different speeds to allow a total experience of what it will be like once the renovations and additions are completed.  Michelle gave a thorough presentation concerning the various types of materials that would be available, including carpet tiles, wood tones, and wall covering samples that were available for inspection and were passed around to those present at the meeting.

            At the conclusion of the presentation by OMS, there was audience participation from Ruth Norris who asked about historic preservation on the Ulen-Lawler building.  Also present was City Council member Jim Urban who was concerned about the possible tax increase resulting from the planned improvements and about the variances that the library planned to seek.  An explanation was provided to Mr. Urban concerning the sought after one-foot height variance, a set back variance, and a parking variance that were planned to be submitted to the Lebanon Board of Zoning Appeals at their next monthly meeting on July 7, 2003.

            The Board next addressed committee reports with an indication that circulation is the highest it has been in five years at the library.  The 100-year birthday celebration is in full planning with Linda, Kay, Sharon, Jamey, Donna, and Yvonne putting forth effort to assure it will be a success.

            Kay gave her report indicating that the book for the summer read will be “Secret Life of Bees”.  Snacks and drinks for the summer reading program had been provided courtesy of Wal-Mart.  Kay also announced that the staff had expressed a desire to participate in the July 4th celebration “Anything Goes”.  The team will be known as the “Librarians After Hours”.  To accommodate the staff participating in the program, the Board entertained a motion to close the library at 5:30 p.m. on July 2nd to allow staff to participate and those who did not participate, to view the “festivities”.

            Kay also asked that the Board consider the holiday closure of the library on Saturday to allow a longer holiday for the staff.  Ruth Lucas made such a motion and Marsha Truitt seconded the same.  The vote passed with Huck Lewis and Linda Jones stating opposition to the closure.

            Currently there are 768 enrolled in the summer reading program and 447 are participating in roving books/day camps.  Currently all the program directors are having to turn people away due to a lack of space in all of the available summer programs.

            The selection policy, previously distributed to the Board, was afforded a first reading before the Board outlining the Board’s policy on materials selection for supplementing the library’s collection.  This item will be taken up again as a second reading at the July Board meeting subject to amendment of the policies set forth during first reading.

            Dan Sulkoske indicated that the Ulen-Lawler Building had been solicited for proposals during demolition.  Dan presented the alternatives that were available from those who were deemed to be responsible bidders by way of proposal.  After a review of the proposals submitted, and recommendations from Dan, Huck moved, and Sharon seconded that the Board select the proposal submitted by Dickerson Demolition in the amount of $23,400 for demolition and removal of the Ulen-Lawler Building.

            The Board then had a discussion concerning the recently erected security fence.  The fence has been placed around the parking lot and the Ulen-Lawler Building primarily at the recommendation of David Truitt, attorney to the Board, and Dan Sulkoske, consultant from Kramer.  Safety issues are paramount with the number of participants in the summer reading program, and the number of children who walk up and down or ride their bikes on the sidewalks adjacent to the site.  In addition, several windows and doors have already been removed from the structure as part of the auction previously conducted.  The fence is temporary to allow for security due to the unsecured nature of the building, and will further assist with security until the structure can be removed by demolition.  In the meantime, it provides a convenient staging area for the several different police agencies that are slated to use the facilities for training prior to demolition.  After considerable discussion on the issue, the Board allowed that the fence should stay up and should remain locked as a security measure.

            Board Attorney David Truitt reported to the group that there was a necessity of establishing representatives to the Common Construction Wage Committee.  This is a part of the process in moving forward with the procedures to add on to the library now that general concepts have been established.  Final plans will come at a later date but the process needs to move forward at this time.  Representatives of the Board could select David Truitt as an owner’s representative, Huck Lewis as a taxpayer representative, and Kay Martin as a representative of the Boone County Commissioners.  David Koehler moved that this be approved, and Ruth Lucas seconded.  The vote was unanimous to approve the motion on the floor.

            David Truitt then indicated additional items that needed to be brought to the Board’s attention for action concerning steps in the financial process for the construction project.  David reported that the leasing corporation was formed earlier this week and that members who have agreed to serve included Todd Meyer, Mike Burns, Ann Garoffolo, Sally Shaw Tanselle, and Ronald Morelock.  The leasing corporation held their first meeting at the same time that the regular library board was convened.  They convened in a separate room.  Todd Meyer was elected as President of the Board, Mike Burns as Vice President, Ann Garoffolo as Secretary, Sally was listed as Assistant Secretary, and Ron Morelock was named as Treasurer.

            David then explained that there are several items of paperwork that need to be approved by the Board at this meeting authorizing further action by the Board, the attorneys, and financial consultants.  The first resolution presented to the Board for approval concerned the approval of the leasing corporation.  David read the resolution, and upon completion, explained that the leasing corporation consisted of those officers previously stated.  Upon motion by David Koehler, and seconded by Marsha Truitt, the resolution was approved.

            Next, a resolution concerning the form of lease as presented to the Board was reviewed by the Board, with Counsel.  This resolution was approved upon motion by Huck Lewis, seconded by Ruth Lucas with a unanimous vote.

            Next, the Board approved a resolution concerning the authorization of the Lebanon Public Library to proceed under the Indiana Code for a lease of the new library building.  David Koehler made the motion, and Ruth Lucas seconded the motion.  The vote was unanimous.

            Next, the Board reviewed and discussed the preliminary general obligation bond resolution.  This particular resolution authorized $375,000 for the purpose of providing funds to be applied on the project.  After discussion, motion was made by David Koehler and seconded by Ruth Lucas that the resolution be approved.  The vote was unanimous.

            Next the Board was presented with a resolution to authorize the publication of the additional appropriation required for the building project.  The resolution was reviewed and discussed and a motion was made by Huck Lewis to approve the same, with second by David Koehler. The resolution was adopted unanimously.

            The final item to be discussed this evening was new business.  Kay indicated that in the first part of July that the staff and Board should help participate in a community wide collection effort to provide for the Caring Center.  There is apparently a shortage of food items at the Caring Center food bank, and Kay would like to establish a collection point at the top of the stairs near the Circulation Desk for helping people make contribution to this worthy cause.

            Kay also brought up the preliminary discussion concerning amnesty collection for the Caring Center for fines only, during the month of August.  The Board had some discussion on this and how the matter would be publicized.

            There being no further business to come before the Board this date, a motion was made by Huck to adjourn with second by Linda.  The meeting was adjourned at approximately 8:15 p.m.


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Jane Myers, President                                                          Marsha Truitt, Secretary