Minutes Of The Lebanon Public Library Board Of Trustees

July 29, 2002


Jane Myers called the meeting to order. Huck Lewis, Ruth Lucas, Sharon Wood, Marsha Truitt, and Jane were present. Linda Jones and Ron Morelock arrived late. Kay Martin, Director was present and Todd Meyer joined the meeting later.


The Secretary’s report from April 23 was approved and corrected. Huck made the motion to approve the minutes and Ruth gave the second. There was no Board meeting in June.


Ruth shared the Treasurer’s report.


The 100 Year Birthday Celebration was discussed. Linda shared that the kickoff would be next June 2003. The Library plans to remember the past Board Members, staff, librarians, and directors.


Jane wrote to Lex Cannon, of Wal-Mart, to thank him for the partnership with the Library in “United We Read” and for participating in the parade.


A revised salary schedule was accepted as presented. Ruth made the motion and Marsha gave the second. Four employees who have been here for the 6 months trial period will have their salaries raised to $7.35 per hour, and due to extra duties six other employees were given a 4% raise.


Permission was given to Ruth to publish the 2003 budget in August. Marsha made the motion and Sharon gave the second.


Michelle Nelson is doing the annual report that goes out to local dignitaries and those who need to know.


It was discussed that the group selected to do the feasibility study may not be the same group that is selected as the architect.


The motion to approve the claims was made by Marsha and the second was given by Linda.


Before hearing the proposals from the three perspective Architectural & Engineering Firms for the site feasibility study, the Board took a short break. After the break the Board heard presentation by:

  5:00 p. m. H. L. Mohler & Associates, Inc.

  6:00 p. m. Odle, McGuire, & Shook

  7:00 p. m. K. R. Montgomery & associates, Inc.



The Board members and the staff members on the Capital Improvements Projects Committee will meet with the Citizens Committee, go over the architects’ proposals, and dates will be set on the August 7 committee meeting to tour libraries and buildings designed by the firms interviewed. A decision on which architectural firm will be hired to do the site feasibility study will be made on or before the September 25, Board meeting.


The next meeting will be Wednesday, August 28, 2002 at 4:00 p.m.


_______________________                          ______________________________

Marsha Truitt, Secretary                            Jane Myers, President