Minutes of the Lebanon Public Library Board of Trustees

February 25, 2004


Vice-President, Sharon Wood called the meeting to order.  Those attending were Linda Jones, Jon Nixon, David Koehler, and Marsha Truitt.  The Board welcomed new member, Sally Tanselle.  Jane Myers was out of town.  Also attending were Dan Sulkoske, from Kramer, David Truitt, Board Attorney and Kevin Thompkins, Lebanon Reporter, and Kay Martin, Director.


No Secretary’s report was available.


David Koehler gave the Treasurer’s report.  Marsha made the motion and Sally gave the second to transfer funds, to balance accounts, of $95,000 from Key Bank to National City for lease payments, and $375,000 from National City to Key Bank for renovation.  The motion carried.


Marsha moved to pay the claims and David gave the second.


David Truitt and Dan Sulkoske gave information about the Maines property.  After discussion, Marsha made the motion and Jon gave the second to exercise the option to purchase the Maines building for a parking lot.


In the Director’s report, Kay said that Jolien and Doug would be attending training in Huntsville, May 3-7.  Chase will be attending training in I St. Louis, June 14-16.  Marsha and Sharon will be attending the Book Expo in Chicago June 4-6.  The Library will also be putting together a cookbook.  Board members are encouraged to submit recipes.  Kay also talked about tiles that will be available for sale with a picture of the Library on them.  David Koehler made the motion and Linda gave the second to approve the 2004 Resolution for Non-Resident Fee, which is $50.


The State Library Association has contacted Kay, and other libraries that are not in compliance with board appointments.  To be in compliance with the SLA, the Board appointment to the Parks and Recreation Board needs to be a Library Board Member.  The Board unknowingly appointed Vic Jones, husband of Board member Linda Jones.  Vic has willingly served on the Park and Recreation board and done an excellent job.  After discussi9on, Sally made the motion and David K. gave the second to take this under advisement until David Truitt can talk to the City Attorney.


April 14 is the ILF conference Trustee Workshop and Luncheon.  Kay also told us that Jane has an article in Focus.


Kay also told the Board that through the Colfax Library we have been able to obtain books from the Scholastic Warehouse in Frankfort, that is closing.  We have receiver 448 children’s books, 105 young adult books and 26 bookends.


So far, over 300 patrons have participated in United We Read.


Marsha made the motion and Sally gave the second that we amend the Automated Library License Agreement.


Yvonne has sent book sets, bookmarks, candy and newsletters with Meals on Wheels.  These items have been well received.


Sally made the motion and David K. gave the second to adjourn the meeting.


Next Board meeting will be Wednesday, March 24, 2004 at 4:00 p.m.



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Marsha Truitt, Secretary                         Jane Myers, President