Minutes of the Lebanon Public Library Board of Trustees Meeting

February 28, 2000


President Jane Myers called the meeting to order at 4:30 p. m. Present, along with Director Kay K. Martin, were members Ruth Lucas, Huck Lewis, Sharon Wood, Mike Burns, and Marsha Truitt. Ron Morelock arrived at 5:00 p. m.


The Secretary’s report was approved after a motion by Ruth was seconded by Huck. Ruth presented Treasurer’s reports for the end of 1999 and for January 2000, and answered questions concerning disbursement of money and the funds that were carried forward to the New Year. Her reports were approved after Sharon seconded a motion by Mike.

Kay advised that the surveys for public opinion were being printed and would be available at the check out desk soon. The surveys will be in circulation for a month. As soon as the surveys are tallied the Long Range Plan committee will meet to discuss the results. The survey results will be the basis for the Long Range Plan.

A discussion of Department Reports produced the information that Boone County Employment & Training services may pay 100 % of the salary for a new employee to assist Dian in the Heritage Room. In other conversation, Kay was asked to make it perfectly clear to the entire staff that the Board has no intention of using a collection agency or taking any kind of serious action regarding past due fines and lost books. The concept of amnesty periods benefiting local charities and worthwhile organizations in lieu of past due fines and lost materials was promoted once again. More than one member requested that we not review the overdue fine figures on a monthly basis.

The Director’s report was discussed and reviewed, with Kay adding information about Adams Electric installing electrical outlets in the upper electrical room so that the de-icing units can be installed. We hope the de-icing units will curtail the roof leakage. A motion to allow her to spend the money needed for this project was approved after Marsha seconded a motion by Ruth.

Under New Business, a resolution to raise the non-resident fee to $50 per year or $28 for 6 months was approved following a motion from Huck that was seconded by Ruth. Mike made a motion that the yearly transfer of funds be completed, Marsha seconded, and the motion passed. The Board agreed that the library interior is badly in need of paint, and various contacts for this job were suggested.

Under Old Business, it was agreed that the Library would spend the $572 required for an ILF membership, after a motion by Marsha was seconded by Ron. Jane reviewed information she received from the Lawler Building selling agent. After Ron seconded a motion from Mike, the Board authorized Huck Lewis as a member of the Building Committee, to advise realtor Jerry Alexander that the Board requests he represent the Library’s interests in the possible purchase of the Lawler property. We will let Mr. Alexander handle whatever appraisals are needed, asking, if at all possible, that he use local appraisers for this project.

Mike made a motion to appoint Todd Meyer as attorney for the Lebanon Public Library, with the Board reviewing the appointment of legal counsel on a yearly basis, and with a $50 per month retainer fee being paid to our attorney. Ruth seconded this motion, which passed with Mike, Ruth, Sharon, Huck, and Marsha voting in favor, while Jane and Ron abstained.

A motion from Sharon and seconded by Jane won unanimous approval for the board to honor Larry Giddings for his many years of dedicated service as the Library’s attorney, with a book Kay will choose for the new Classic Book Collection.

After a motion by Huck was seconded by Marsha, claims were approved. Before Jane adjourned the meeting at 5:50 p. m., Kay advised the Board that she has chosen the contract with CMB Consulting that calls for 100 hours of service at $50 per hour. It was also decided the Board will postpone a definite decision about Chat Room Access on Library computers.

The next Board Meeting is scheduled for 4:30 p. m. on Monday, March 27th.


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Mike Burns, Secretary                                           Jane Myers, President