Minutes of the Lebanon Public Library Board of Trustees

August 28, 2002


Jane Myers, Linda Jones, Ruth Lucas, and Marsha Truitt were in attendance.  Ron Morelock arrived late. Sally Tanselle attended for the Citizens Committee, and 

George Piper represented the Lebanon Reporter. Sharon Wood was ill and Huck Lewis was excused.


The Secretary’s report from May was shared.  Linda made the motion and Ruth gave the second to approve the May minutes.  The July minutes were also shared.  Ruth made the motion and Marsha gave the second to approve the July minutes.


Ruth shared the Treasurer’s report for July.  The Budget hearing date is set for September 9, 2002.


Sally Tanselle reported for the Citizens Committee.  She reported that two meetings had been held and that visits had been made to Frankfort, Mulberry, Brownsburg, Plainfield, Avon-Washington Township, and Tippecanoe IVY Tec Library.  Sally shared that this project “should express friendliness and services that are the hallmark of our library.”


Kay shared in her Director’s report that books had been moved and rearranged. The fiction books are back to genres.  Top shelves and bottom shelves had to be used in this rearrangement, due to lack of space.  30,000 volumes were moved.  The Library staff was tremendous with the move. She also shared that INSPIRE, which is the source of our databases, needs to be supported by the Legislature.  Please contact Legislators to tell them to reinstate INSPIRE.  Ron suggested getting a petition in the Library.  It was also suggested that the Friends of the Library have a petition in their booth at “Back to the 50’s”.  Funding for INSPIRE is also tied in with the funding of the T-1 line.  At this time, we only have money to fund this until June 3, 2003.


Under new business, Kay wants to add a writing component to the BASE project.  She is looking for funding. Nancy Hunter may be able to help.  Kay is also looking for a building or barn to house the 4th of July float.  Book discussions start at the end of September for United We Read.  Drawings will be held for monthly prizes.


Marsha made the motion to approve the claims and Ruth gave the second.


The next meeting will be held on Thursday, September 19, at 4:00 p.m.  This is a change from the regular meeting date.


_________________________                                  ___________________________

Marsha Truitt, Secretary                                       Jane Myers, President