Minutes of the Lebanon Public Library Board of Trustees

APRIL 28, 2004


The meeting was called to order by President, Jane Myers.  Board members attending were Sharon Wood, Sally Tanselle, David Koehler, and Marsha Truitt.  Linda Jones arrived at 4:30.  Jon Nixon was unable to attend.


Also attending were Kristy Brown, a student from Zionsville High School, who needed to attend a “public” meeting for class.  Kevin Thompkins represented the Lebanon Reporter.  Donna and Jolien attended from the Library Staff.  Dan Sulkoske, from Kramer.


Jane has signed a P.O.A. for the Mann property (Trotter Farm), which is part of the Ed Peterson estate.  This was on the second option to purchase property.


Sharon made the motion to pay claims and Sally gave the second.  Dan Sulkoske met with the Utilities on April 26 and all went well.  David Koehler has been in contact with SBC about lines located in the alley.


Jolien gave a technology update on the new automation system.  She said closing for the week installation and training was most helpful.  Both the staff and SIRSI were appreciative of the time.  The Library is going “live” on May 26.  It was recommended that the Library be closed on the morning of May 26.  The motion was made by Sally and Marsha gave the second.  The Library will reopen with an official ceremony.


Suzanne has the float design done.  The theme will be “Celebrate America, Celebrate Lebanon Public Library’s 100th Birthday.”


Plans for the June 8 celebration are underway.  A dinner will be hosted by Friends of the Library.  Luminaries are ready.  This will begin the year long celebration of “turning the page on the past, looking toward the future.”


The new Community Read book has been selected.  It will be Red Heart by James Alexander Thom and Dark Rain.


Kay reminded Board members to turn in their recipes.


Kay gave sets of books to Marsha and Sharon to donate to Hattie B. Stokes and Central Elementary Schools.  The books were “Have You Ever Seen a Mouse Brushing His Teeth?” and “Have You Ever Seen a Mouse Taking a Bath?”.  The books were signed by the author, Jamie McClaine, and illustrator, April Goodman Willy.


The Book Expo America will be held in Chicago, June 4-6.  Sharon and Marsha will attend as Board Members.  Kay, Yvonne and Chase will attend from the staff.


The Library has received the Dr. M.C. Kivettt Award for Exemplary Service.  This was presented by the Community Action Program, Inc. of Western Indiana, Head Start Division, 2004.


Under old business, it was decided that the Library will call the Trustee a month before the Capital Projects Hearing.


Monday, May 17 is the Lebanon Public Library night at Garfield’s. A portion of the night’s profits will be given to the Library.  There will be storytelling and books for adults and children.


Sally suggested that we start collecting and keeping articles and quotes on how Libraries make an impact.


The next meeting will be Wednesday, May 26, 2004




_________________________________                          _________________________________

Jane Myers, President                                                Marsha Truitt, Secretary