Minutes of the Lebanon Public Library

Board of Trustees Meeting June 23, 1999


The meeting was called to order at 4:10 p.m. and briefly conducted by Vice President Jane Myers until President Tom Whitsitt arrived at 4:20 p.m. Attending were board members Sharon Wood, Mike Burns, Marsha Truitt and Ruth Lucas. Ron Morelock was absent. Adult Services Librarian Jim McKee coordinated the meeting in the absence of vacationing Director, Larry Hathaway.

Mr. Whitsitt's statement that the Executive Session following the May 26th meeting had involved discussions only as advertised per Indiana Code was unanimously approved after a motion by Mr. Burns was seconded by Mrs. Lucas. The Secretary’s report was accepted by consensus. Mrs. Lucas reported on unclaimed money in the amount of $3,328 which had been returned to the library from the state via National City Bank, and will now be added to the Improvement Fund. The Treasurer’s report was approved following a motion by Mrs. Myers and seconded by Mrs. Wood.

Chris Brown of CMB and IN-Motion made an enlightening presentation to the board of how he perceived the library being helped with his company’s services. He discussed hardware and software purchases and maintenance, instructional classes for both the public and staff, and easy access of a local company as opposed to the complications that could arise from involvement with the Northern Indiana Computer Consortium. Our technology committee will eventually make a proposal on this subject to the board.

During Committee Reports, Mr. Burns conveyed the desire of legislative liaison Mr. Morelock that all members contact U. S. Senators Lugar and Bayh asking for support of SB 1223, which could be of great benefit to our library and others via grant money.

During Department Reports, Mrs. Myers praised the library for their clever 4th of July float slogan: "READ, White and Blue." Mr. Burns agreed with Cheryl Walden that Chase Martin will be a tremendous loss to the library, and a great deal of conversation ensued concerning the lack of strict guidelines for the pages and the unfortunate "pulling" of staff members to cover the front desk. Mr. Burns ultimately made a motion, seconded by Mrs. Myers and approved unanimously, to authorized Mr. Hathaway to hire three new part-time employees at up to $7 per hour, who will each work up to 30 hours per week. It was hoped that two might be assigned upstairs with one downstairs in the Children’s Department, due to a high increase in circulation and additional events and activities. The Director’s Report resulted in the decision to reset the sundial in front of the library, which was damaged by vandalism, and to accelerate repairs on the boiler, which seem to moving much too slowly.

Under New Business, Mr. Burns made a motion that the library sponsor a $100 per year Benefactor Membership in the Boone County Historical Society with Dian Moore of our Heritage Room being appointed as the library’s representative to that organization. Mr. Whitsitt voiced trepidation about this endeavor, but the motion passed with Mr. Burns, Mrs. Lucas and Mrs. Truitt voting in support, Mrs. Myers voting against, and Mrs. Wood abstaining.

Mr. Whitsitt was then asked to briefly leave the meeting, to avoid any hint of conflict of interest, when Mr. Burns made another motion that the current June amnesty period benefiting the Caring Center and the Lebanon Boys and Girls Club would continue into July to benefit Project Literacy. At the urging of Mrs. Truitt, Mr. Burns’ motion was modified to include both July and August, and was unanimously approved after a second from Mrs. Lucas. This is to be a totally monetary amnesty, with all past due fines, fees, and lost items forgiven for any amount whatsoever. While someone’s $10 fine could be waived for 10 cents, the hope was expressed that this worthy organization so closely linked to the library would have patrons owing only a dime donating $10 instead.

The board then gave Mrs. Lucas permission to publish a preliminary budget in late July, after a motion from Mr. Burns was seconded by Mrs. Truitt. Old Business included an update from Mr. Whitsitt on the bequest from Ed Peterson’s estate, which may eventually amount to a very generous $50,000. Mr. McKee also thanked the board, and especially his sponsor, Mr. Morelock, for his forthcoming membership in Boone County Leadership. During a discussion of claims, Mrs. Lucas voiced concern over the addition of more art work to the collection, and it was decided we should see more detailed reports of that particular collection. The claims were approved in a motion from Mrs. Wood and a second from Mrs. Truitt. Mr. Whitsitt adjourned the meeting and the next regular meeting is not scheduled until August 25th.

Our next regular meeting will be August 25, 1999 at 4:00 p.m. in the library meeting room.


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Mike Burns, Secretary                                            Tom Whitsitt, President