Minutes of the Lebanon Public Library

Board of Trustees Meeting April 28, 1999

The meeting was called to order at 4:15 p.m. by President Tom Whitsitt. Attending were board members Jane Myers, Sharon Wood, Mike Burns, Marsha Truitt, Ruth Lucas, Ron Morelock and Director, Larry Hathaway.

A presentation by Circulation Librarian Cheryl Walden about the Library’s Web site followed the Roll Call. Ms. Walden pointed out that the usage of the library’s web site has increased by 84% in the last six months. Visitors from 42 foreign countries have visited the site over the last six months. The Library’s homepage has been visited over 2100 times in March alone. Also reviewed were difficulties in the current process for updating the information and the plan to rely less on outside help for this responsibility.

The Secretary’s report was approved with amendments in a motion by Mrs. Wood and seconded by Mrs. Lucas. The motion passed unanimously. In the Treasurer’s report, Mrs. Lucas explained our levy excess and advised that the Capital Projects budget had been advertised. Her report was approved in a motion by Mrs. Myers and seconded by Mrs. Truitt, passing unanimously. A resolution to adopt the Capital Projects Fund for the year 2000 was made by Mrs. Lucas and seconded by Mrs. Truitt.

Mr. Morelock, representing the Legislative Committee, discussed the Open Door Law and pending changes and the current budget bill limiting tax levies for libraries. Department reports were reviewed, with several positive comments on the Children’s and Adult Services reports. Discussion continued regarding the Northern Indiana Computer Consortium for Libraries (NICCL) and the possibilities for something like that in this region.

In the Director’s report, Mr. Hathaway read an invitation to commencement ceremonies from Kay Martin. The board approved the donation of the book Icons of the Century in honor of her graduation from Marian College. Ms. Martin will receive an Associates Degree in Liberal Arts. A number of other invitations and thank-you notes were shared. Mr. Hathaway presented a grant follow-up site visit report from the State Library, March memorials and a report on the energy audit conducted by the Energy Systems Group of Indianapolis. The board acknowledged the receipt of the report and will take it under advisement. Mr. Hathaway presented each board member with a new Board Notebook containing by-laws, plans, policies and board reference materials.

Under New Business, Mrs. Truitt asked that we research the purchase of a color printer and a digital camera for in-house use.

A motion to approve Claims was made by Mrs. Myers, seconded by Mr. Burns, and passed unanimously. A motion to adjourn was made by Mrs. Myers and seconded by Mrs. Lucas.

Our next regular meeting will be May 26, 1999 at 4:00 p.m. in the library meeting room.

An Executive Session will follow that meeting.


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Mike Burns, Secretary                                      Tom Whitsitt, President