Minutes of the Lebanon Public Library Board of Trustee’s Meeting

November 16, 2005


An Executive Session was held at 4:00 p.m. to discuss personnel issues.


At 4:30 p.m., President Jane Myers called the regular monthly board meeting to order.   The board met at the new Lebanon Municipal Building.  Board

members that were present were:  Jane Myers, Jon Nixon, David Koehler, Linda Jones, Sharon Wood, Kandi Caldwell and Marsha Truitt.  Others attending

Were:  Dan Sulkoske of Kramer, Inc., Drew Stone, Lebanon Reporter, Connie Bruder new Audio Visual Department Head, Donna Boone, Reference Librarian,

Kay Martin, Director and David Truitt, Library Attorney.


Connie Bruder was introduced as the new Head of Audio Visual Department. She comes to us from the Tippecanoe County Public Library  where she was

Head of Circulation.


The Secretary’s report was shared and amended.  David Koehler made the motion and Linda Jones gave the second to accept the minutes as amended.


The 2006 salary schedule was shared and discussed.  The salary increase is a 3% increase across the board.  David Koehler made the motion and Kandi Caldwell gave the second to adopt the salary schedule for 2006.  It was also discussed that the library staff had done extra work since Jolien Catlin,  Head of Tech Services left employment at the library. The money from Jolien’s unused salary could be used as a one time salary adjustment. David Koehler made the motion and Marsha Truitt gave the second for a resolution for a one time salary adjustment for library staff.


Claims were shared and discussed.  Marsha Truitt made the motion and Sharon Wood gave the second to approve and pay the claims.


Dan Sulkoske gave a building update.  The project is on target.  The contaminated soil has been removed.  The water damage from vandals has been repaired.  There was some water damage from the recent storm.  We are within budget as we move into Phase II.


Kay reported that we will receive another picture from the Doria Project.  This will Include foreign money, a picture, and a traveler’s check.  A letter has been prepared explaining the “Giving Tree.”  The funding goes back into the library like memorials.


Under New Business, the Library Customer Code of Conduct was given a second Reading.  Sharon Wood made the motion and Linda Jones gave the second to approve the Code of Conduct.


Under Health Insurance for 2006, several strings were looked at.  David Koehler made the motion and Kandi Caldwell gave the second to fund String 5.


Kandi and Jon reported on the nominating committee.  Kandi Caldwell made the motion and Jon Nixon gave the second to keep the current officers in place.  David Koehler was the only  opposing vote.


Kay discussed that instead of the Board doing cheese and deli trays for the staff for Christmas (as we have done in the past), that we wait and provide a lunch during the move into the new building.


There will be no meeting in December.


The next Board meeting will be January 25, 2006 at the library.









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Marsha Truitt, Secretary                                                        Jane Myers, President